OMG Super Morigami

Are you getting sick of Big Blind Media collaborating with Master John Bannon and killing it!  I didn’t think so!!  Yet another superb product…OMG Super Morigami! Here’s the deal: The performer takes out a small stack of cards (12 to be exact) and shows that the backs are all different.  In fact, they all come… Continue Reading OMG Super Morigami

Mental Dust

I have always loved the Ashes on the Arm card reveal, but the reveal has always needed to be on my arm.  In the old days, your spectator picked a card, the performer rolled up his sleeve and spreads some dust on his arm and then the chosen card is revealed in the remnants of… Continue Reading Mental Dust

Sole Snatcher

Sole Snatcher is a trick in which a spectator’s signed card vanishes from a deck and reappears in your hand when it is dumped out of your shoe. What you get for your $39.95 purchases is a small plastic packet that contains a few pieces of material that helps you do the tricks and some… Continue Reading Sole Snatcher


This memorized deck project is awesome and great for everyone.  If you are already a mem deck worker, this is for you.  If you have always wanted to learn a memorized deck, this is for you.  This is for any hobbyist or pro whether or not you have made the commitment to learn a stack. … Continue Reading Forecast

Move Ink

Move Ink is very visual and looks like CGI.  It’s not CGI.  It is something else that is really easy to control and perform without any practice.  So what is it?  It is basically a reveal of a chosen card.  This is how the routine goes; your spectator picks a card, you show them the… Continue Reading Move Ink


spRING is a puzzle that is cleverly packaged as a magic trick, a pocket size linking rings routine that you can use in walk around and in close-up situations. What you get for your $29.95 purchase is a sturdy cardboard package that is designed to hold the spring and the ring.  And, of course you… Continue Reading spRING


Man oh man is Unhanded super cool.  I love the tricks that you can do with Unhanded. I am obsessed!  There is so much here and the ingenuity of this utility device is off the charts.  You can really do mind blowing magic without ever touching the card.   When I first opened the box… Continue Reading Unhanded

Papa Rabbit by Daryl

This routine is a classic. It is engaging, magical and funny for all ages. If you don’t own this trick, you should. This is a great trick for any level magician and it is suited for a multitude of performing environments. Whenever you see a Daryl performance, you see a well-honed and polished routine. This… Continue Reading Papa Rabbit by Daryl