A Cut Above by Andy Smith

A Cut Above is an excellent version of the spectator cutting to the Aces with an awesome beautiful move excellently taught by Andy Smith.

The performer takes a deck of cards out of the card box.  The spectator cuts the deck and shuffles one half as the performer shuffles the other half.  The two halves are then shuffled together by the performer and the spectator takes the cards again and cuts the deck into 4 piles.  The performer picks up the top card of each pile and the spectator is totally amazed when he puts down Ace after Ace.  But wait, there is a bit of a variation here because the last Ace is not an Ace!  It is (or can be) another card and then the value of that card is used to count down the same number of cards from the pile and lo and behold, the final Ace appears at that number.

This great routine is performed and taught by Andy Smith at a table with an angled camera (not the best production value behind this video) and then thoroughly explained.  Smith’s instruction is clear and easy to follow.  There is a wee bit of sleight of hand that is beginner level difficulty to learn. (No, there is palming involved in this routine)!

Smith teaches a clever variation of his trick and appropriately sources many magi that came before him.

The advertising description for A Cut Above indicates:

“The Spectator Cuts The Aces plot has always been a firm favorite with magicians everywhere, ranging in method from the knuckle busting to the self-working.

A Cut Above is Andy Smith’s take on this classic plot and although not self-working, is easy to do and very direct. Based on ideas by Larry Jennings and J.K Hartman, this version of the ace cutting effect is as straight forward as they come.

This product comes with streaming instructions breaking down all the moves necessary to perform the effect, including a neat variation.”

I really like this $8 download on Alakazam Magic’s website, but wish that Andy taught some more card magic.  This is absolutely something that you will use and can be pre-set up or arranged on the fly.

Well done Andy!