Brainstormer by Mark Leveridge and Big Blind Media

Do I lose credibility because I keep giving BBM the highest marks for their products?  Some cynical readers may think so, but all you need to do is try the BBM tricks that I review and you will know that when I give a trick a rave review, it is for a reason.  Don’t trust just me, seek out some other reviews online and you will see that Brainstormer kicks ass.  Yes, it is a 10 out of 10 – but if I rated tricks on a scale of 1 to 1,000, it would score 1,000 out of 1,000 and not 999.99.

This trick is so good and so amazing that I recommend this trick to anyone and everyone.


What you get with your $25 purchase is a special deck of cards that cannot be inspected and a 14 minute download.  The amazing thing about this deck is that if you received it without knowing the presentation, you would probably be flabbergasted – wondering what the trick is.  Have no fear!  Liam Montier expertly demonstrates the trick in the Big Blind Media library and then explains it.  Yes, this is easy to learn and easy to perform, but it takes minimal practice to make sure you have the steps down pat.  All you need is a table and an awareness of what you have in your hand and the ability to do a really simple move.  With all that you are a master magician.


With Brainstormer you show the spectator what is apparently a blank deck of cards that are white on both sides.  The performer spreads half the deck in front of the spectator and half in front of himself.  The spectator thinks of a red car and the performer thinks of a black card.  They each take what is seen to be a double blank card and they pretend that the blank card is their thought of card.  Then the performer inserts the selected card, which is truly a blank card and when he spreads the deck it the two selected cards appear among an entire deck of blank cards.  It is truly astonishing.


Like I said, just a bit of practice so you get the steps down, but it is totally awesome.  No rough and smooth cards at work here, just the genius creation of Mark Leveridge.  The cards cannot be handed out for inspection, but after the spectator’s deck is spread and the card magically appears, the spectator can freely handle their deck as the performer can display his half as being all blanks but one.

Big Blind Media not only give you the special deck of cars that you need, but they put it in a sturdy translucent plastic box that will protect the Bicycle paper box.  You also get an extra gimmick so that when you perform the trick you can repeat it with two different numbers.


I would say this trick is superb to perform anyplace that you have a clean table upon which you can spread cards.


The ad copy says:


“Man – do I LOVE this trick!” MagicOrthodoxy Reviews


Comes with special Bicycle Deck – everything you need to perform included!

No extra cards!  No sticky stuff or roughing stuff!  No fiddly gaffs!  No kidding!

Brainstormer: The performer removes a deck from its case and spreads it to show that the cards are all blank on both the faces and the back! This is what a pack of cards looks like before it gets printed.

The performer explains that in fact he has arranged the deck so that all the red cards are together and all the black ones are together. Splitting the deck he ribbon spreads one half on the table in front of the spectator, explaining that these are all the red cards, and spreads the other half across the table near to himself claiming that these are all the black cards.

Picking up the spectator’s cards he explains that although they all look completely blank, the spectator should nevertheless be able to pick out any red card that he wants even though he doesn’t believe he can see any card faces.

To prove this, the spectator is invited to name any red card. Let’s imagine that he says the 4D. Spreading the spectator’s cards out before him the performer invites him to touch any card. The selection is removed and turned over and the performer claims that the card the spectator has touched really is the 4D even though it still looks blank!

The magician now says he will try to emulate the feat with his cards. He names a black card, say the 8S, and slips out one of his blanks. Flipping it over he claims that this one is also the one he named, the 8S!

The spectators are less than convinced by this so the performer says he will prove that the two cards were indeed removed. Picking up the spectator’s 4D, he places it ‘face up’ onto the top of the performer’s pile and cuts it to the centre. He does the same with his 8S, cutting it ‘face up’ into the middle of the spectator’s pile.

The performer then states: “Because we have exchanged cards, my 8S is the only black card in amongst all of your red cards. And in my pile of black cards, your 4D is the only red one. Because of this our two cards are the odd ones out, and as a result they will stand out so much that we will actually be able to see them.”

With a snap of his fingers over the two piles the performer ribbon spreads the spectator’s half to reveal an 8S printed card face in the centre, and spreading his half one printed face is seen there too, and it’s the spectator’s freely named 4D!”

I appreciate BBM sending me this deck to road test and review.  TRUST ME ON THIS ONE GUYS!!!!  It is great for all levels from experienced beginner to pro.