The Big Kick by Liam Montier and Big Blind Media

Another great product from Liam Montier and Big Blind Media.  I am giving this baby a 9.5 out of 10 because it is just plain clever.  It’s astounding to all laymen and even funny.  The kicker ending slays your spectators and even though the trick is reminiscent of some Gemini Twins there are three cards that meet a designated card.  I would say they kicked the hell out of this one!  Great job fellas.

For your $25 you get a specially assembled deck of Bicycle cards that is ready to go right out of the box.  You also get a link to performance and instructional videos that are typically phenomenal as per the high bar that Big Blind Media has set for the magic industry.  What I like about this and other BBM videos is that they tell you what you need to hear, show you what you need to see and don’t waste your time with unnecessary details.  The production quality and organization is excellent (again, as per usual).

So what is this trick all about?  You take a deck of cards out of the box and remove two cards that are placed on the table face up.  A joker is removed and put to the side.  Cards are dealt in to two piles (on pile in front of each face up card) and the spectator tells the performer when to stop dealing.  Then the spectator decides which card to cover which pile.  Then more cards are dealt in front of the other pile and the spectator again tells the performer when to stop.  The face up card that corresponds to that second pile is dropped on top and the two piles are stacked one on top of the other.  The, cards area dealt in front of the Joker and the spectator calls stop wherever they want and those cards are added to the bigger pile.

Yes, of course, amazingly, each of the face up cards has found its mate in the deck.  Then the performer asks the spectator to name any card in the deck and asks if would be amazing if the face down card next to the Joker was printed on the face down card.  YES, of course it would.  And of course, that is too good to be true, but when the care is flipped over it is a 52 on 1 card.  Funny, but still amazing that the Joker was miraculously paired with the only card (presumably) that could be used with any card in the deck.

Of course, the BIG KICKER ending really kills your spectators because after they pause and catch their breath, they are invited to look at the other cards and they are all blank faced cards.  Everything at that point can be inspected.  It really kicks ass!

  The trick is so simple to learn and perform and the reset takes about 2 seconds and can be done right then and there.  Of course, you cannot perform the trick twice to the same audience, but if you have a table to use, this is a great restaurant/strolling trick to perform. 

This trick is really fun and easy to perform and I highly recommend it for magicians of all ages and experience levels.  It doesn’t have to be hard or knuckle busting to be great and this self-working card trick is proof!

Thanks to Big Blind Media for asking me to review this trick.  It is guaranteed to please!