Ea$y Money by Spencer Kennard

Junk.  Crapola.  Waste of money.  I guess you can stop there and not only save yourself the money you may save related to your purchasing decision, but also the time in thinking about this terrible product.  I gotta say that this looked great in the promotional video.   I thought it was a super-sponge wallet, but I was wrong.  Javier Fuenmayor, the current Murphy’s Magic guy did an awesome job pitching this product and making it look awesome.  Well, its not.


So if you spring for the Easy Money wallet and plunk down your $35 bucks, you will get a trick wallet and access to an hour long instructional video in which Fuenmayor teaches how to use the wallet.  Fuenmayor’s energy and performance make this trick look great, but in the real world I just don’t think it is so great.  I’m no beginner and I was very reluctant to even show it to those in my inner circle.  The reactions I got were “that’s stupid” and “it was in your hand”.  Not exactly what magi want to hear.


The wallet itself, from afar looks like a real wallet.  You cannot let anyone touch it at all.  When you are performing with this wallet, it doesn’t look completely “wallet” and doesn’t exactly spring into shape like you expect it to after watching the promo video.


The trick is easy to learn and to perform, it just doesn’t scrunch up to the size you would need it to and it doesn’t pop like a sponge ball.  For me, its an epic fail.

The instructional video is an hour long and is really well done.  Fuenmayor is the best part about this product, but he just can’t save it.  No one can.


The ad copy claims:


“A classic of classic’s, Tom Burgoon’s Power Pickpocket has been a powerful piece in the arsenal of many stage performers over the past few decades.

With Tom’s blessing, Spencer Kennard now brings you the next iteration in this solid piece of visual magic – with EASY MONEY.

Not only can it recreate all the visual moments of the original, but it’s also made with the close-up magician in mind – and to your average spectator, the easy money wallet passes off as an everyday regular wallet that can create powerful moments of visual magic!

Make a wallet appear, vanish, transpose, and even be produced from the most unexpected places. It really seems like wallets are just coming out of nowhere!

The video instructions cover everything you need to know about the wallet and covers routines that will satisfy both the amateur and professional magicians.

It’s fast, easy, fun and EASY! If you like visual magic that literally packs flat and plays big then Easy Money by Spencer Kennard is for you!

Available in two colors, black and brown.”

I don’t think its fun and I don’t think this will satisfy an amateur or a pro.

Sorry everyone, but I cannot get behind this product.