Pinnacle by Brian Caswell and Alakazam Magic

If you don’t own this trick, you should.  This is the offspring of several Brian Caswell and Alakazam Magic tricks, which are amazing.  This trick gets a 10 out of 10 rating because it is so damn mind blowing, you will fool anyone and everyone – including magicians.  It is beautiful in its simplicity and the ease in which it can be learned and performed.


The performer shows a deck.  It is a visibly marked deck.  He shows the backs of the cards, and explains that each card has a different number from 1 to 52.  The numbers are written in large numbers that take up the entire back of the cards in permanent black ink.  When performing this trick I show more than 20 backs or as many as I can get through until the spectator says, “I get the idea!”  This is ideally performed with 3 spectators so they can each name a totally different card.  Each freely named card is removed from the deck and the numbers on the back are displayed.  So, if one spectator picks the Jack of Clubs, the other the Three of Hearts and the last the Ten of Diamonds, the cards are turned over to show their specific numbers; in this case let’s presume the numbers are 43, 6, 29.  The performer then turns over the card box (or perhaps had texted the numbers to a spectator) and the numbers 43, 6 and 29 are written on the box!  There is always either total silence due to spontaneous brain explosion or uncontrollable hollering!  It never fails!  It is one of the best tricks out there!


For your $34 dollars you get a very special Phoenix deck of cards and a 33 minute instructional video.  The instruction by Peter Nardi is excellent and he walks you through how to use and set up the special deck.  Setting up the deck includes carefully numbering the backs of every card with a Sharpie.  There is a method to using the deck when performing, but it is so simple to remember.


This trick will feel very similar to Cataclysm to you, but it removes on step in the method and that is why Pinnacle reaches a higher level.


The deck cannot be handed out ever and the selected cards cannot be touched by any spectator.  That is the biggest downside to Pinnacle.   The trick can be performed without a table so it is ideal for walk around.  You need to be very careful when setting up this deck because you can easily mess up, but it is really not that hard to do if you are paying attention.  The reset takes 3 seconds and can be done in front of those that have just had their mind blown.

The ad copy states:


“Pinnacle is the latest word on card and number effects. Brian Caswell started the buzz with card and number effects many years ago with Trilogy.

Trilogy was a ground-breaking and best-selling effect. Pinnacle is a mixture of Trilogy and Brian’s other best seller, Cataclysm. Imagine showing a deck of cards. Each card has a number from 1-52 on the back. Your spectator names 3 cards (there are no high-low or odd-even restrictions). You remove the named cards from the deck and place them face up on the table.

You now direct your spectator to a prediction you have made — the numbers on your prediction match the numbers on the back of the cards!

OK, so what’s new, I hear you ask? Well, get this, your prediction is in full view before you even start the effect. You can text it to your spectator, have it written on a business card, on a photo or even on your social media page. YES, there is only ONE prediction!

Pinnacle really is the ultimate in this type of effect!

Pinnacle does not use R & S or sticky cards. You are not secretly writing anything and there is absolutely no memory work or sleights required. The one thing it does use is some ingenious thinking from Brian.

I’ve been performing both Trilogy and Cataclysm for many years, but Brian still managed to fool me with Pinnacle!

As a bonus, we also include the mind-blowing book test reveal by our good friend, Moz!

Abusing The System.

Pinnacle by Brian Caswell is far more than just one trick. It is a very clever system which will allow you to predict the outcome of three choices with 100% accuracy, 100% of the time.

Imagine for a moment you decide not to make your deck up with numbers but with names, locations, companies, movie stars, movies, food, songs, cars, cocktails, gifts, memories the list goes on and on.

Imagine the power of this prediction.

Pinnacle is a very clever system that can be abused to create magic and mindreading masterpieces”


I have no problems with the description of this trick because it is accurate.


Also included in the instructional video is how to perform an incredible book test with the Pinnacle cards that is guaranteed to blow the roof off the house.


Overall, I would say this trick is the most awesome of awesome tricks for a gaffed deck.  I rarely add a one-trick pony deck to my EDC, but for I have made an exception because I am carrying this deck around with me every day.


I am really conflicted about writing this review because at the same time I want to keep this a secret, I want everyone in the community to know about it.  Trust me, you will not regret this one for a micro second.