Move Ink

Move Ink is very visual and looks like CGI.  It’s not CGI.  It is something else that is really easy to control and perform without any practice.  So what is it?  It is basically a reveal of a chosen card.  This is how the routine goes; your spectator picks a card, you show them the back of a card where you apparently drew some random nonsensical marks and as you are concentrating on the ink, it moves slowly and comes together to show the suit and the value.  So, in all cases, you will get a King of Diamonds reveal (A “K” for King and a diamond symbol).

Obviously this trick cannot be repeated because it is a force.  The instructional video is short and to be honest you don’t even need to watch it to use the gimmick. What about the gimmick?  The gimmick is well made, but based on my experience using other card gimmicks with moving parts and similar invisible stuff, when this gimmick breaks it is game over.  The instructional video does not explain how to fix the gimmick and quite honestly, I would never even attempt to reconstruct this type of gimmick.  I can’t tell you how long the gimmick will last, but I can tell you that I think it is overpriced by $10 bucks (it sells for $39.95).

Just a few nit-picky comments about the instructional video, the creator (presumably) stars in the non-verbal instructional video.  He could have cleaned his dirty nails for the hand close-ups and washed his stained shirt before he shot the video…just sayin!  There are no real routines taught, just a basic, pick a card and watch what how the ink moves on the back of another card.

So, big questions… can you hand the reveal card out?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Sorry Charley!  You can’t even let them get too close to the card.  Everyone and anyone within 10 feet of you will want to see the card and they just cannot!  There is no identical non-gimmicked card that comes with the trick, but you may want to make one so you can switch out the dirty card and hand out the clean card.  Just a thought.

Again, Move Ink is so easy to perform and it looks great that I think this is a worthwhile trick for those that are performing on video conference or wanting to post a social media performance.  Not so great where real people can stretch their grabby hands and ask to see the card.

The ad copy states:

“Gimmick that will surprise the viewer with an incredible visual movement of ink on the playing card – the magician lets the viewer choose any card, the viewer remembers the card, then he kneads the selected card in the deck, then takes a marker and draws strange ink shapes on the card’s shirt. after that, magic happens that makes the ink move and gather into an inscription where the viewer’s card will be written the product provides.

The product includes: 1 gimmick and online video instructions.

The difficulty level of the display – easy”


As far as moving ink tricks, this is real solid with the limitations that I describe.  I really appreciate Murphy’s Magic for asking me to review this trick so you can make an informed purchasing decision.  You can pick one up at any Murphy’s dealer.