Mental Dust

I have always loved the Ashes on the Arm card reveal, but the reveal has always needed to be on my arm.  In the old days, your spectator picked a card, the performer rolled up his sleeve and spreads some dust on his arm and then the chosen card is revealed in the remnants of the dust as if a magical stamp was placed there.  This update allows you to perform the same trick, but to have the reveal on any spectator’s hand or arm at a moment’s notice.  I love it even more now!

As is freely referenced in the ad copy (pasted below for your reading convenience), there is only one reveal (unless you buy multiple versions of this trick).  I have the King of Spades, or the KS.  You can also buy this trick with the 8S or the wavy pattern that you find on standard ESP cards.  It is basically an awesome reveal of a forced card.

With your $35 purchase, which is a fair price, you get the gimmick that allows you to secretly get the reveal on your spectator, some “stuff” that helps you with this trick and an easy to use carrying case.  The gimmick and case is so small it fits in your pocket and barely takes up any space.  You also get written instructions in English and Spanish and a link to a YouTube explanatory video that is 9 minutes long.  The written instructions are printed on half a standard page of paper and the video instructions feature the creator, Quique Marduk who explains to a camera on a tripod how to perform the trick.  The quality of the video is poor, his accent is very heavy and his English is not great, but you get the gist and quite honestly you don’t need to watch the video to perform this trick.  The creator does seem like a very nice person and happy to share his version of this trick and his gimmick.

Using the gimmick is easy and although the gimmick could be spotted, it is easy to make sure that doesn’t happen… by looking in your spectator’s eyes in the moment at issue.  It is very easy to pull off.  You also get the “stuff” that you need to make the trick work (and are told about alternative substances that you can use).

In order to reveal the chosen card, the perform will pour a spice on the spectator’s arm or hand.  For example, a packet of sugar works very well.  So does salt.  Pepper did not work great for me, but paprika was the best in my opinion (not sure you will have easy access to paprika).  I guess it depends on the spectator’s skin color a bit too.

The ad-copy states:

“The spectator selects a card and write the number and suit on a sugar envelope. The magician opens the envelope, pours the sugar on the spectator’s forearm and the selected card appears written on the skin.

It is the old and great “ashes on arm” trick but on the spectator’s skin, and can be done with ashes, salt, sand, pepper or any dust.

You receive a special gimmick and a holder to get the trick always ready to be performed.

3 patterns available: 8 of Spades, King of Clubs or Waves (ESP cards)

Includes a video download with explanations and ideas.”

My overall conclusion is that I really like this trick, I will use it because it is easy to do and fun and always gets a laugh and a gasp from your audience.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, I highly recommend it.





Mental Dust is available at any Murphy’s Magic dealer.  Thanks to Murphy’s for asking me to review this trick!