spRING is a puzzle that is cleverly packaged as a magic trick, a pocket size linking rings routine that you can use in walk around and in close-up situations. What you get for your $29.95 purchase is a sturdy cardboard package that is designed to hold the spring and the ring.  And, of course you… Continue Reading spRING


Man oh man is Unhanded super cool.  I love the tricks that you can do with Unhanded. I am obsessed!  There is so much here and the ingenuity of this utility device is off the charts.  You can really do mind blowing magic without ever touching the card.   When I first opened the box… Continue Reading Unhanded

Papa Rabbit by Daryl

This routine is a classic. It is engaging, magical and funny for all ages. If you don’t own this trick, you should. This is a great trick for any level magician and it is suited for a multitude of performing environments. Whenever you see a Daryl performance, you see a well-honed and polished routine. This… Continue Reading Papa Rabbit by Daryl


If you are interested in doing mentalism using ESP cards, the Zenereight project by La Servente has much to offer.  I love the marking system and the extra symbols (a triangle and a large solid dot).  This is a solid release. With your $29.95 purchase, you get 26 E.S.P. cards, which are detailed in the… Continue Reading ZENEREIGHT

Orphic by The 1914

Orphic is a peek wallet with a card to wallet function and versatility to perform some great magic and mentalism routines.  I predict that this is gonna be a big hit.  I love this wallet because I find the peek to be so deceptive and so fooling that I don’t think that anyone will ever… Continue Reading Orphic by The 1914

REVIEW: Oyster Playing Cards

The Oyster Playing Cards designed by Think Nguyen and Phill Smith are worth cracking open.  Bearing the image of an oyster shell, there is a clever marking system hiding in plain sight that adds a magical dimension to this pack. With your $15 purchase, you will receive your standard 52 playing cards, a double-backer, two… Continue Reading REVIEW: Oyster Playing Cards