Papa Rabbit by Daryl

This routine is a classic. It is engaging, magical and funny for all ages. If you don’t own this trick, you should. This is a great trick for any level magician and it is suited for a multitude of performing environments.

Whenever you see a Daryl performance, you see a well-honed and polished routine. This routine is no exception. Murphy’s Magic’s front man is the host of the instructional video, but the 40 minute instructional video also includes Daryl’s performance (by Daryl) of the trick and his explanation of the trick as well. Javier Fuenmayor explains the trick as well so that you learn every subtlety and minimal sleight.

With your $20 purchase, you get 2 adult bunnies (or birdies) and 6 babies. It comes in a small cardboard black box that you can use to store the sponge animals in between performances.

This trick is very easy to learn and requires a minimal amount of easy sleight of hand. The routine is really funny and any audience member that has never seen this routine before will love the kicker ending.

There are several phases to the routine, all of which provide for good moments of magic (disappearance, reappearance and transposition) and humor. The best part is that much of the magic happens in the spectator’s hands.

The ad copy states:

“There is not stronger magic than something that happens in the spectators hands! Daryl’s timeless sponge routine is perfect for ALL venues! The fun begins when a sponge rabbit and a little bird are magically produced. A super-clean and baffling transposition is performed between the rabbit and the bird followed by a hilarious comedy routine that will get your audience on their feet!!

Mama rabbits and Papa rabbits appear and disappear in the hands of both the magician and the spectator in this beautifully thought out routine and story. At each step the audience is caught off guard. For an unforgettable finish, a large handful of baby bunnies magically appear in the spectator’s tightly clenched fist! Comes with everything you need to get started today!

• All of the Sponge Bunnies and Birds!
• Daryl’s hilarious routine!
• Word for word script!
• Detailed Handling!”

In the end of the instruction video, Fuenmayor explains how to care for the sponge bunnies and birdies. Easy to do!

For any magician that does not have this trick, I can highly recommend it for the reasons stated above. It can be performed in a walk-around environment, table-to-table in restaurants and with friends in a casual environment. Kids love it, adults love it and magicians love performing it.


This is another excellent Murphy’s Magic product that does right by the giant and legend Daryl.