If you are interested in doing mentalism using ESP cards, the Zenereight project by La Servente has much to offer.  I love the marking system and the extra symbols (a triangle and a large solid dot).  This is a solid release.

With your $29.95 purchase, you get 26 E.S.P. cards, which are detailed in the product ad-copy, which is re-printed below.  You get a couple of standard ESP cards and as mentioned above some extra ESP symbols (the dot and the triangle) which give you a total of 7 symbols.  You also get a blank faced card which you can use as an eighth card option – thus the name; ZENEREIGHT.  It is always better to have more options for the spectator to choose from – it just makes the effects stronger.  You also get some custom double-facers and one double-backer.

The cards themselves come in a half-size card box and each card back has the same diamond patterned design with circles in the middle of each diamond.  The cards are standard poker size and are a good quality card.

There is a very simple and easy to learn marking system which is just as easy to read and remember.   Those with reading glasses may be able to see the marking and some may not, depending on how strong your bifocal prescription is.

You are provided with a password protected link to written instructions in both English and Italian – originally written in Italian.  You learn the tricks by downloading an instructional booklet that is printed in both Italian and English.  The English translation is not always great and the instructions are not 100% clear, but you will be able to figure out what you need.  This is not for a novice because the creator already assumes you know how to do some basic moves and skips a bit of explanation.

There are also 8 tricks presented that are different enough that you will not get bored with slight variations of the same trick.  Some of the tricks require a set up.  Some of the tricks can be done completely in the spectator’s hands, which is great.  The tricks use various classic magic principals such as the “one ahead” principle and also the “Free Will” principle – which incidentally is not credited in any way and should have been.  There is a trick that requires a pendulum, which is not included, and which is also not very well explained.  Some may be scratching their heads.  You will also learn various prediction and mind-reading effects.

The ad-copy states:

“A brand new approach to E.S.P cards.

The ZENEREIGHT deck was created to make possible all the effects of mentalism that require the use of the five Zener symbols: CIRCLE, PLUS, WAVES, SQUARE and STAR.

With ZENEREIGHT you can extend the possibilities thanks to two additional symbols DOT, TRIANGLE and a blank card.

The original back design is marked with a fool proof system that is near impossible to detect but so easy to read!

  • Eight powerful mentalism effects, easy to perform
  • One bonus effect with the pendulum: strong, emotional and easy to master
  • Stylish B&W design for modern and classy performances
  • Create your own effects and routines

The cards are standard size (2.5″ x 3.5″) and are printed on linen quality card stock for the smoothest handling and feel.

You will receive:

  • 2x complete sets of face & back ESP cards (8 cards each)
  • 2x extra-cards
  • 8x gaff cards
  • 1x QR card for downloading the instructions (Italian & English) with 8 killer effects (and 1 bonus effect) to bootstrap into ZENEREIGHT deck possibilities right out of the box”

The promotional video is well done and the super dramatic music makes look at ESP cards pretty captivating.

I really enjoyed leaning to use these cards and some of the tricks taught.  I will definitely use one or two of the tricks when working an ESP routine.




Thanks to Murphy’s Magic for asking me to give this product an honest review.  If this sounds like something that is up your alley, then check out any Murphy’s dealer online.