Orphic by The 1914

Orphic is a peek wallet with a card to wallet function and versatility to perform some great magic and mentalism routines.  I predict that this is gonna be a big hit.  I love this wallet because I find the peek to be so deceptive and so fooling that I don’t think that anyone will ever have a clue as to what is going on.  I also love the switching method which is as easy as making toast.

With your $75 purchase you get 21 instruActional video segments totaling more than two hours of instructional streaming videos.  The videos are not downloadable and they range from 2 minutes to about 30 minutes.  Most of the segments are taught by Le Val, the creator of the wallet.  The videos are in high definition and the instruction is excellent.  Le Val is a great teacher and he is very articulate.  He teaches the basics, explains the difference between the Orphic and the Orphic Plus, teaches numerous different peeks, a card to wallet routine, a quick tutorial on palming and controlling cards, a drawing duplication routine, a serial number divination and more.  The last hour and a half of video presentation is undertaken by Craig Petty who claims that this is the best wallet ever and that he will only use the Orphic Plus wallet going forward.  Petty teaches an excellent No Palm Card to Wallet routine and an awesome Transpo Card to Wallet routine.  Petty also teaches a fun to do Card Under Wallet routine.

The main difference between the Orphic and the Orphic Plus is that you cannot do a card to wallet trick with the Orphic.  The Orphic Plus is designed to be a bit bigger and can accommodate a standard size playing card.  The Orphic is meant to be used with billets.

The quality of the wallet is excellent, but it really is not practical as an everyday wallet.  Just being honest, but you won’t use this if you carry cash like you can with the Real Man’s Wallet.  Maybe if you only carry an ID and a few credit cards you can use this as an everyday wallet, but there are smaller options among regular wallets.  That is not to say that you won’t carry this with you in your back pocket because I think that some people will reserve some pocket space for this wallet, even if it is not their everyday wallet.. perhaps part of an edc, but not every day wallet.

The peek with this wallet is great and very deceptive and the ability to switch paper, cards or even small things, such as keys, is really awesome.  As you will see in the promotional video, the wallet is placed in the spectator’s hands with some easy audience management, but you cannot let a spectator hold and inspect the wallet freely.  This is not really an issue because there is never any heat on the wallet.

The ad copy states:

“ORPHIC [awr-fik]
Mysterious and entrancing beyond ordinary understanding

Orphic is the ULTIMATE inconspicuous every-day carry wallet for the modern mentalist and magician.

Peek, switch and load like a boss!

Designed by Lewis Le’Val and crafted in real leather, Orphic takes classic hidden wallet functions and reengineers them in ways NEVER seen before in a magicians’ wallet.

What’s more, there are NO moving parts to break or go wrong. Orphic is as simple (yet genius) as it gets.

Hidden inside is:

1. The most psychologically deceptive peek EVER applied to a wallet.
When Lewis first shared his design with the wallet makers, they initially said it couldn’t be done.

2. A bold yet stunningly simple switch.
If it fits in the wallet, you can switch it (and there are no extra flaps).

3. A super-simple secret loading chamber.
For predictions, revelations and even signed playing cards.

Orphic ships with exclusive access to a MAMMOTH instructional video series packed with over three and a half hours (!!!) of killer material for both mentalists and magicians.

From the creator, you will learn:

  • Not one, but FIVE invisible peeking methods.
  • Two insanely powerful drawing duplication presentations
  • Probably the EASIEST serial number divination in the world

From magician Craig Petty, you learn:

  • The CLEANEST card to wallet in existence (WITHOUT palming!)
  • A NAMED card to wallet
  • A diabolically baffling card-under-wallet routine with a jaw-dropping finale

And SO much more!

Orphic comes in two sizes: Orphic and Orphic Plus. Both have identical features and pockets. The ONLY difference is Orphic Plus is 1cm wider which may be advantageous for card performers wishing to make secretly loading poker sized playing cards significantly easier. However, everything you learn can still be performed with BOTH. The choice is yours.

Select your preferred size now and begin performing miracles IMPOSSIBLE to achieve with ANY other wallet on the market!”

When you get the Orphic, it may need to be broken in so it does not pop open.  I just took a bunch of books and stuck the Orphic under the weight and within a few days it was broken in.

Many wallets disappoint because they are either over priced or overhyped.  This wallet is nicely priced and well worth your hard earned moolah.

This product was sent to me by Murphy’s Magic to write an honest review and I honestly love this one!