The Princess Card Trick by Daryl

This is a classic of magic.  You show your spectator a handful of cards and they select one in their mind, but never touch it or say what it is.  Then the performer removes the card that guesses was selected and puts it in his packet.  When the spectator reveals the name of their mentally selected card, the performer shows the remaining cards and their selected card is not there.  Immediately the thought of card is removed from the performer’s pocket.

This is such a beauty.  It is an age old trick and it really blows laymen away.  Rumor has it that David Blaine clinched one of his early network shows by performing this trick – don’t know if it is true but that is what I have heard since forever.

The Princess Card Trick is very easy to perform and there is really nothing to learn.  After watching the 9 minute instructional video presented by Marc Lavelle, you are ready to go.  No practice is necessary.  You may need to pull a few cards from a regular deck to complete the effect, but that is not necessary in my opinion if you don’t mind shortening the routine a smidge.  The cards cannot be handed out – although the one that is taken from the pocket (if you do the full routine) can be.

In case it is not clear, the selected car is freely chosen and there is no force.

This can be performed live in a virtual setting, but if it is recorded, it can be exposed by watching the trick a second time.  Interestingly, this trick could be repeated to the same spectator twice, but I would not recommend it.  It is a great walk around trick for any environment.

The ad copy states

“A mindreading trick that will blow your audiences away!

A packet of cards is fanned before a spectator’s eyes. The spectator is asked to merely think of ANY ONE of the cards (NO FORCING). At no time does the spectator tell anyone, write down or indicate his mental selection to anyone.

The Magician removes one of the cards from the pack to commit himself to a specific card! The magician shows the remaining cards and the thought of card WAS the selection removed from the pack.

This SELF-WORKING miracle is extremely easy to perform and instantly resets.

Princess Card Trick cards are printed by the United States Playing Card Company on red, Bicycle Rider back cards.

Note: written instructions no longer included”



The instructional video says that the original written instructions are included, but that has been discontinued.  You just get the very good and clear 9 minute instruction video.  Lavelle’s instruction is very easy to follow and he does a studio performance to the video camera man.



For less than 10 bucks, this is really a must have for any budding magician.  It is easy to carry this in your wallet everyday!


I appreciate that Murphy’s Magic sent this trick to me to provide my honest review to you.