Cherry Casino – Monte Carlo Black and Gold – Playing Cards

Hello Cherry Casino Playing Card lovers!!  Yes, you know the Monte Carlo Black and Gold deck is not the debut of the Cherry card. There are so many colors and versions: Green, Black, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Teal, Silver, and variations of several of the colors.  Some of the decks have standard versions and limited edition versions.  This deck for instance sells for $11.95, but the limited edition decks (only 2,500 decks) with individually numbered special seals can run you $25 bucks.


Of course you get your standard 52 cards with standard faces printed by the USPCC. The faces are not unique, but for the Ace of Spades which contains a large black Spade and the words “CHERRY CASINO” in the middle of the Spade, above two double cherries.  Under the Spade base the text in small black font contains “LITHO IN US” and “S&F 7947” which is unobtrusive and fades into the background.

Two Jokers are identical and contain a large picture of two red cherries that are joined at the top of their two cherry stems.  Above the couple of cherries are the words “COMPLIMENTS OF” and below the cherries are the words EAST LAS VEGAS NEVADA”.  The deck also comes with a blank faced card and a double backer.  The card backs have the iconic two-way back design over a dark black back and a white border.  In the upper right corner and lower left corner of the backs are images of the two cherries in gold with a white outline and under the cherries is a white swoosh (reminiscent of the Nike design).


The card box is predominantly black with large white text “CHERRY CASINO” in a unique font on the edge of the tuck box.  The card back described above adorns the front and back of the box.  The bottom edge of the box contains an Ace of Spades logo that is encircled by text “PURE IMAGINATION PROJECTS”.

The ad-copy provides some more information about the cards and identifies the creators:


“Black and gold are the quintessential colors of luxury and style.
Hit the jackpot with the Cherry Casino (Monte Carlo Black and Gold) Playing Cards.

Join James Bond, elite magicians and cardists worldwide who make the Cherry Casino (Monte Carlo Black and Gold) their everyday carry.

…But those that use these Cherry Casino (Monte Carlo Back and Gold) are ANYTHING but ordinary.

The incredible gold ink cherries reflect your confidence. Your style. Your swagger.

Dressed in black, ready for a night out.

The thin crushed Bee stock of the cards, printed by US Playing Card Company feels incredible in your hands.

What else would you expect from the world’s most spectacular gambling den?
You can almost hear the flick of the cards against the felt table, and the familiar ring of a slot machine jackpot nearby.

  • Gold Ink Cherries
  • Printed by US Playing Card Company
  • Thin Crushed Bee stock
  • Double Back gaff
  • Blank face gaff
  • Gold foil cherries on the tuck
  • Designed by Sam Devins and Derek McKee”

These cards are indeed slick and with the recognizable and attractive gold cherry logo, they will catch the eyes of those that behold them.  Another great version of the Cherry cards.

Thanks to Murphy’s Magic who distributes these cards and sent me a pack to review, for you.