Password by Mariano Goni

Password boasts to provide you with a video prediction system. So, what that means is that you ask a spectator to name, for example, a type of car. They name it. It could have been a Mercedes, or Hyundai, Toyota, Jaguar, Porsche, Dodge, Ford, BMW, Land Rover…you get the picture. Then they click on a… Continue Reading Password by Mariano Goni

Swordlace by SansMinds Magic

Your spectator signs a selected card and it is lost in the deck. After the spectator shuffles the deck, the performer dribbles the entire deck on the floor and when the cards are all on the floor, you see that signed and selected card has been “stabbed” by the showlace. You pull the card off… Continue Reading Swordlace by SansMinds Magic

Vernet Band Writer (Grease)

If you want to rock the house with old school mentalism techniques, this thumb writer is the perfect accessory. It is comfortable, small, hard to detect and writes great. The writing looks like a black crayon that can be seen from a bit of a distance, as opposed to the sister product, the Pencil Band… Continue Reading Vernet Band Writer (Grease)

Arrow by SansMinds Magic

Arrow is an entertaining and amusing gimmick that allows you to, in a very fun and lighthearted way, reveal a selected card with moving ink in the form of an arrow drawn on the back of a playing card. What you get for $35 is a twenty minute instructional DVD and a pre-made moving ink… Continue Reading Arrow by SansMinds Magic