The Royal Scam by John Bannon and Big Blind Media

This is a tremendous packet trick using what appears to be a packet of Aces (all Ace of Spades).  There are many magical moments in this tremendous routine.  All the Aces are shown.  The performer continuously deals the cards and the flip from blue back to the face without any explanation.  The cards are dealt and miraculously four of the Aces are turned over and despite having seen the blue backs, they are all different colors.  Then, the face down blue backed cards are flipped and despite seeing Ace after Ace, the cards turn into a royal flush.


This is a real beut!


What you get with your $25 purchase is a beautiful box to hold the special cards and a password protected instructional vimeo that last about 7 minutes.  The instructions and performance are demonstrated by Liam Montier and he goes over the various moves and counts that you will need and as per always the video is excellent BBM quality.

The ad copy states:


“Entertaining,  original and doubly surprising.” Markobi, Card Magic FISM Winner 2022

“Royal Scam is one of the best packet tricks of all time and classic John Bannon.  It’s super simple, there is a stack of really powerful magical moments and an ending that nobody sees coming.  Basically Bannon at his best!” Craig Petty

THE ROYAL SCAM – You display a small packet of cards that are all Ace Of Spades. Through six increasingly staggering phases this packet of cards keeps reversing it’s orientation, first all face down, then impossibly all face up. Now most tricks would end there… but The Royal Scam has yet to unleash the truly impossible, because next four of the discarded Aces are revealed to have different back designs – each one from a totally different deck!

While your spectator is reeling at this utter impossibility you’ll be gearing up to unveil your REAL coup de grâce, because the remaining five cards are then flipped faceup to reveal that they are not the generic Aces Of Spades they expected. Nope – those five cards are a fully examinable ROYAL FLUSH IN SPADES!

The Royal Scam is classic John Bannon – brilliant economical handling, easy to master method, fully examinable cards, multiple phases – a huge amount of magic from just the nine provided cards!

Where most routines come to an end, Bannon is just getting started.

* A self contained pocket miracle. Uses just the nine provided cards (no deck required).

* The 9 specially printed cards (on beautiful USPCC stock) are supplied in a wallet for easy transport.

* Easy to do. No hard sleights.

* No extra cards or sticky stuff

* Totally examinable. End 100% clean with nothing to hide.

* Impossibly fooling.

* Packaged in a beautiful faux-hardback book – just right to slip onto your shelf and protect your set of gaff cards!


“Entertaining,  original and doubly surprising.” Markobi, Card Magic FISM Winner 2022

“I remember when John first showed this to me, it felt like I’d been hit with a right, left, right combination. Just one surprise after another. Economy of method combined with multiple revelations makes it a must have.” Tim Trono

“The Royal Scam is a perfect, neat little package of yummy John Bannon goodness!” Harapan Ong

“Once again John has showed us that he is the Babe Ruth of packet tricks. Fans of Sizzle will love this one.” The Magic Portal Reviews

“John Bannon’s routines never fail to make my insides happy. Royal Scam is such a satisfying routine to watch and perform!” Ben Prime

“It only takes a small amount of a deadly substance to get the job done and John Bannon’s The Royal Scam is a lethal dose” Ryan Matney

“I’m so glad that The Royal Scam is available again. I love John’s Fractal tricks, and this is one of the best. Classic Bannon!” Steve Faulkner

“This is incredibly powerful and surprisingly simple. Very, very clever.” The Daily Magician”

High praise for this trick is well deserved.

Now, this is not for a novice and will take some practice to get the various phases down and fluid.  It is not knuckle busting but you are doing different counts at different times and dealing many cards.  This is well worth the practice.  It is a great trick for table hopping and a table is a must.

As if this awesome trick was not enough, you get access to 3 additional tricks on Vimeo as a bonus.

I can highly recommend this packet trick and everything that comes with it.

Great job again with Big Blind Media putting out this Bannon classic.