Dice Bomb: The Apprentice Line

Murphy’s Magic has created a beautiful new line of born-again tricks called Apprentice.  These are tricks that many of us remember from our childhood.  Some were stand alone tricks, some remind me of old Tenyo tricks and some remind me of tricks that I would receive in magic kits for the holidays.

There is a big difference here from the cheapo tricks we received in magic kits!  The Apprentice tricks are well-made, come in beautiful packaging and have excellent video instructions from Javier Fuenmayor.

The Apprentice tricks are incredibly inexpensive and affordable and gifting them to a youngster is a great way to light the love of magic fire with your soon-to-be magicians.  I can imagine that the children that you gift these tricks to will be awaiting the next installment and will cherish each and every trick.  There is something special to these old classics.  The packaging of each trick has custom-made updated graphics.

The whole thing is just a genius idea.

Now, let’s talk about Dice Bomb.

Dice Bomb is the bomb! So this is what happens.   You present a small rounded see-through container that contains a large die in it.  You close it with a black lid.  The patter is up to you.  With a quick shake, the big die is gone and instead there are 8 mini dice rolling around.  You take off the lid and pour the dice into your spectator’s hand and can let them hold the container and the lid.  There is some minor clean-up needed before you are completely clean.

This is a super easy trick and it is very impressive.  You will know how to do it once you watch the short instructional video, which is excellent.  Fuenmayor teaches the trick well with excitement and enthusiasm.

You can reset this trick in about 20 seconds, but you will need total privacy.  This cannot be reset in front of your spectators.  You also need to be careful how this is stored if you want to be able to take it out of a briefcase and perform.  If this is rolling around in a bag or backpack, you will need to reset again.

This is a great trick for kids and even adult hobbyists.  I think that just about every experienced magician knows the secret because many of us have played with a trick like this is in the past.

The quality of the Murphy’s version of this trick is excellent and for $8.95 it is a steal.




Well done Murphy’s people!