I do not really know how to explain to you all how amazing this trick is.  I can write it up and it will just not do it justice.  All I can say is that it can fool magicians and it will not doubt blow the minds of any normal person (aka lay person).  Stephen Tucker showed this to Liam Montier, who showed it to Big Blind Media, who has shown it to all of us.

The basic trick starts with two small packets of cards on a table.  A packet of face down cards and a packet of face up of 4 Aces.  The performer explains that there is sleight of hand and mentalism and the trick displays both arts.  The performer takes the packet of Aces and places it behind his back and asks the spectator to name any one of the Aces.  They name the Ace of Hearts (or any suit).  The performer then brings the packet forward and all the Aces are showing except the Ace of Hearts.  There is one card that is face down.  Not really that impressive, but then the face down card flipped over and it is blank – the Ace of Hearts conspicuously disappeared.  There is something to that, but then to prove that the performer knew the Ace of Hearts would be chosen the entire time, he flips over the other 3 Aces to reveal that they all have a different colored back than the blank card.

Then, the other pile that has been on the table the entire time is fanned out across the table and the Ace of Hearts is facing up and the rest of the cards are face down.  Yes, that pile has been on the table the whole time and it is somewhat mind-melting.  Then the face-down cards are turned over and they are all blank faced cards – meaning that the only card to be chosen was the Ace of Hearts.  And then, the ace of Hearts is flipped over and the back of the Hearts card is a different color than the other 3 cards that were in that pile.

All the cards can be handed out and examined.  The reset takes a second and it is as easy as pie to learn and to perform.  The card choice is truly a free choice and every time it works.

Liam Montier performs this trick and explains how the magic is done.  He does a great job as per always and Big Blind Media is the bomb for putting out this trick for only $20.  This is going into my EDC ASAP.    Montier also teaches an awesome impromptu version of the trick and it rocks and requires no gaffed cards.

With your purchase you get the needed cards and only 4 do not come with a standard deck.  I wrote this review based upon the download because I had all the pieces at home in my magic closet.

You also get a clip of Stephen Tucker explaining the trick to Liam Montier, which is great.

The promotional advertising materials claims:


Stephen Tucker’s ‘Omega’ has long been hailed as one of the greatest packet tricks ever created. Simple to do, fully examinable and devastatingly impressive, it will knock your spectators for six!

“Superb. The most baffling and incredible packet trick I’ve seen in years!” Jerry Sadowitz

So what is Alpha2Omega?

You have two sets of four of a kind (let’s say, two sets of Aces). One set is tabled. One set is placed behind your back. You have ANY Ace named. Seconds later, this ace is face down, in the set behind your back, and… it has a different coloured back to the other three! You now rub their freely named Ace on your sleeve and its face completely vanishes!


BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. Now, you spread the tabled set of face down Aces (that have been in full view throughout) and their named Ace is face up!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. now someone removes the face up Ace and it has a different coloured back to the other three!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. the shell-shocked spectator flips over the three remaining face down Aces only to discover that they are all BLANK! THEIR NAMED CARD WAS THE ONLY ONE THEY COULD HAVE CHOSEN!

Now for the amazing bit – they can name ANY Ace! (It can be different every time you perform).

There are no false counts – The handling looks the same every time!

There are no specially printed cards! (No need to ‘ever’ buy an expensive replacement set!)

100% self-working? Not quite, but Omega is incredibly easy to perform!

Stephen Tucker teaches you all the inside workings of this fabulous routine!

PLUS get an exclusive BONUS routine from the brilliant mind of Liam Montier – ALPHA TO HOFZINSER!”

I agree with everything stated above!

This is my favorite packet trick that doesn’t use crazy gaffed cards and that uses no sleight of hand at all!

This is totally awesome and cannot be recommended higher!!!

10 OUT OF 10!