Melt by Biz and Big Blind Media

This is a very fooling and visual coin trick penetration into an empty card box created and taught by the very entertaining Bizau “Biz” Cristian.  I have to say up front that this promotional video fooled me and I was not disappointed when I learned the secret.  Very often you are fooled by a promotional video and when you learn the ‘how to’ you feel duped.  Not the case here.

So here is the trick.  An empty card box is shown and the cellophane is taken off the box and put back on but covering the flap so there is no way that anything can be inserted.  A coin, an American half dollar, is placed on top of the cellophane covered box and it is rubbed gently and incredibly (really) disappears.  Immediately, the box is shaken and there is the noise of a coin inside.  The cello is removed, the box is opened and the coin, which can be signed, is inside the box.  There is no explanation!

This is a very clever sleight combined with a quick move that Biz created.  The sleight is easy to master and will only take a few minutes of practice in front of a mirror.  The move that gets the coin in the box take a bit more practice but it is not difficult and can be achieved by anyone.

Biz recommends using cello from a larger box of cards so it is easier to take the cello off and place it back on without having to struggle.

The instructional videos come in several segments i.e. introduction, performance, what you need, the handling, alternate handling, other ideas.  Some of the video is shot by a straight on camera, some are close-ups of the hands from the spectator’s point of view and some of the instructional video is from the performer’s point of view.   The production is excellent!

As with everything that Big Blind Media does, this is produced and presented expertly.  This is a $11.99 download and if you are fooled, like I was, I think you will enjoy this quickie trickie.


This is a great download with a great trick.  As Biz said in his instructional video, he is amazed that no one came up with this already.

Another score for Big Blind Media!