OIATER by Tom Dobrowolski and Big Blind Media

Man, am I impressed with this Oil and Water routine.  The routine is great and the kicker ending is just mind blowing.  And, when I learned how to do it, I just laughed out loud.  Yes, I was fooled by the kicker and I have to say, I love it!

For your very reasonable $11.99 purchase you get a performance by Tom to his buddy which is a 4 minute downloadable file.  Tom explains how the black and the red cards in a mixed deck separate by color given enough time.  He displays a full deck and the spectator sees a mixed deck.  After a few seconds the cards are shown again and the card are not separated, but remain mixed.   Tom takes about 6 cards out of the deck, half black and half red and shows how the concept can work with a smaller amount of cards.  In an instant, the cards separate.  Tom then removes two cards and shows the spectator that no matter how many times the cards are visibly alternated red-black-red-black that they always de-mix with all reds on one side and all blacks on the other side.

Then, after the various phases in the routine, Tom checks the full deck, which was visibly mixed and when he spread it, the entire deck was sorted by color.  What an awesome ending.

The explanation file is 10 minutes and Tom gives some great instruction on how he created the trick by accident and how to perform it.  The trick requires some minimal sleight of hand and can be performed by most any amateur card handler.  This is within the grasp off all magi.  You will not fool any magician with the first few phases, but you may trick a few of us with the kicker.

The trick requires a set-up which really cannot be done on the fly, but once it is locked and loaded, it is just a great first trick to open with.

An extra file taught by Biz teaches the Reverse Spread in 4 minutes and it gives a bit more detail on how to do some sleight of hand that is necessary.

The Ad Copy states:

A BBM EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD VIDEO – Tom’s Oil & Water routine is an absolute beaut! Multi phase, regular deck, achievable with simple sleights and a kicker that is TOTALLY NEXT LEVEL!

Most Oil & Water’s use a small packet of cards, but Tom’s finishes with the ENTIRE DECK SEPERATING! Originally published in 2009, this is the refined, perfected version of an absolute next-level routine, and it could be the only Oil & Water you’ll ever need.

* Use any deck (even borrowed)

* Multiphase

* Minimal setup required

* No gaffs or gimmicks needed

This will decimate any audience, but Tom also has a lot of fun performing this at conventions for magicians – and, once you’ve learnt it, you can too!”

I am using this trick and the set-up and I recommend this for anyone looking for an easy and powerful oil and water trick.

Big Blind Media has curated another beauty!