Wild Wave by BBM and Bannon

Wild Wave is another great John Bannon and Big Blind Media collaboration in which Liam Montier demos and explains how to do this trick with a really cool bunch of specially printed Casino Cards.


The performer takes out 10 different backed casino cards that all have different colored and designed backs.  The spectator picks any number and takes that card for their poker hand.  The performer then shows the cards faces as he drops them face down to the table.  As the cards are dropping all that can be seen is an array of red number cards.  The performer then deals himself a red number card and asks if the spectator if they want to switch.  No matter what the spectator chooses, the cards are then dealt face down so each player (the performer and the spectator) have a 5 card poker hand.  The cards are flipped to reveal that one player has a straight of red cards and the other surprisingly has a royal flush in spades.


The trick is pretty simple to perform and very easy to learn.  This is within anyone’s reach.  You will learn a deal that permits you to deal down all the cards and only show red faces which is not very naturally feeling, but it is very natural looking.  It is quite deceptive and can be adapted for other tricks.


The instructional video is 6 minutes long and get right to it.  I love that BBM doesn’t waste our time and teaches what is necessary to learn and perform the trick.  The instruction is great and the production as always is superb.  You are able to stream the password protected video with the link and password printed inside the packaging.


The trick comes in a beautiful booklet style box with an pink gold metallic design of a Japanese wave.  When you open up the book, which you will keep, there is a cut-out with a small package of the 10 specially printed cards in its own plastic packet holder.


I have to say that Bannon and BBM kick major butt once again.  I am not getting used to it, but this combo knows what’s up!  Right on guys!!  Appreciate the work behind the magic and the product.


This is a great trick to perform for friends or table hopping because at the end, everything can be inspected.


For $24.99 this is a good purchase and you will use it, especially if you like packet tricks or poker tricks.