Colorfool by Victor Zatko

Colorfool is a gimmick that enables you to visually change a card back or face and then change it back again instantly.  The performer holds a card length wise across the deck and it looks like a special effect. The bottom line is that I would not use this in person, but this is great… Continue Reading Colorfool by Victor Zatko

Transit by Ron Salamangkero

Transit is a gimmicked card that lets you move a tied ribbon from one corner to another where the spectator sees you punch three different holes with a hole punch. I am not giving this trick a high rating because I just don’t love it.  I don’t like that you have to carry a hole… Continue Reading Transit by Ron Salamangkero

Capped by Sam Sieracki

Capped is a quick sleight of hand trick in which you tap a Sharpie against a coin on your open palm and the cap of the Sharpie appears to contain the quarter.   That’s it.  With your $35 dollar purchase you get a small box that contains the gimmick and password protected streaming instruction on Vimeo.… Continue Reading Capped by Sam Sieracki

CHAINED by Perry Maynard

Chained is a great routine that you can wear and perform anytime and anywhere.  With Chained, you show your spectators that you are wearing a think stainless steel chain with a Kennedy Half Dollar on it.  The 50 cent piece has two holes drilled through it and the chain is threaded through the two holes… Continue Reading CHAINED by Perry Maynard