Paul Zenon in Linking Rings by Big Blind Media

Linking Rings is the name of Paul Zenon’s one-man show in which he presents a somewhat poignant story of his own life and how he, like the rest of us, was sucked into the obsession with the art of magic.  This DVD does not teach any tricks.  Armed with that knowledge, I was slightly disappointed before I watched the DVD, but after watching this show, I was satisfied and strangely pleased that tricks were not taught and all I had to do was watch and listen and feel.

Although this show is over an hour, I t seems like just a moment in time that you absorb and then it is over.  You are not checking your watch and your mind is not meandering.  This performance is excellent and compelling.  We all are performers in more than one way and Zenon demonstrates his ability to convey the “semi-autobiographical” stage version of his life story in a way to be admired.

Linking Rings comes in both a DVD or download for those that need instant gratification.

The ad copy from Big Blind Media says:

“A self-penned, semi-autobiographical theatre piece marking a distinct change of direction for Paul Zenon, award-winning magician, comedian and actor who, in a career spanning four decades, has performed in around forty countries and made literally hundreds of network TV appearances. By far his most personal work to date.

About the show – ‘Houdini’s right-hand man deals with the death of his boss. A half century later, a Blackpool joke shop proprietor takes on a wide-eyed young protege. An affectionate look at a misspent youth and unsung heroes. Not a magic show, but magical nonetheless.”

During the show Zenon makes many parallels to his life and relationship with his mentor to that of Houdini’s right hand man and Houdini.  The double track works very well and at times you forget that there are two stories being told at the same time.

I found the performance and script to be engrossing and have a very easy time giving this performance a high endorsement.