Brass Coin Prediction Casket by Airship Magic

What you get!

I first heard about the Brass Coin Casket (or the Classic Brass Coin Divination Casket) while trolling the The Magic Café in the “2018 Trick of the Year” thread.  Well, it didn’t win first prize but it tied for fourth place and I was intrigued.

I have a few things to say about this product and it’s all great stuff.  This trick is easy to learn, easy to perform and garners totally awesome reactions.  You can hand this to your spectators for in depth inspection and they will not figure out the method. 

The plot is so simple, yet so powerful.  You give a spectator the casket and tell them to place the coin in the casket either face up or face down.  You divine the orientation correct every time.  You can do a mindreading routine or advise the spectator that you are controlling their choice by the power of suggestion.  You can do a psychology routine with multiple spectators in which you have them look at the coin placement of the prior spectator and either keep it the same or change it.  The possibilities are limitless.

When you get your casket, it comes with a U.S. Kennedy Half Dollar, a very nice maroon and gold velvet drawstring carrying bag (which also sells separately on the website) and written instructions on a single side of a sheet of paper.  

The casket itself is handcrafted in the highest quality and workmanship.  Plainly stated, it is a beautiful piece of magic!  When you get this you will say to yourself… “they don’t make magic products like this anymore!” and you will be right.  The weight, the look, the feel, the precision, the everything about his is superb!  I am considering buying a second one just in case I lose this one.  And for the price, $34.95, it is very fair.  This piece of magic will last forever and I will use it forever, for sure! 

The written instructions are likewise excellent.  They are short, to the point and very easy to understand.  The instruction teach you how to divine which side of the coin is face or up face down either by the tactile method or the visual method.  I will stick with the former because it is very comfortable for me and I am concerned that my old eyes may not be able to see what needs to be seen for the latter method.  The instructions also help you bust the spectators that are trying to bust you by removing the coin and handing you an empty casket.

The great thing about this trick is that it is so easy that you can really concentrate on your presentation.

So, not all of the caskets are $34.95 because they make it for different types of coins.  The Walking Liberty version costs $54.95 and is sold out.  The casket that works with the Kennedy half dollar that is 90% silver costs $54.95 and is also sold out.  The Ben Franklin half dollar casket sells for $59.95 and is almost sold out.  The version that I am describing above has 40% silver in the Kennedy half dollar and has a small supply left.  Trust me, if you wait and are not able to buy one of these caskets you will not know what you are missing.  If you are on the fence about this one, you should pull the trigger – you will not regret it!

The ad copy from the website states:

“Classic Brass Coin Divination Casket.

A performer produces a brass coin box, wafer thin and a 1/2 dollar Kennedy coin. The performer requests that a random spectator open the box, and place the Kennedy half dollar into the box either heads up or tails up while the performer’s back is turned. After the spectator has placed the coin in the casket and replaced the lid, the performer is asked to turn back around.

The performer is then given back the box and before the spectator can fully return the box to the spectator, it is instantly revealed which side of the coin is facing, upon removing the lid, the performers prediction is correct. This can be repeated as many times as you like.

There are no stooges, threads, magnets, external indications or peeking or switching.

Includes is 1 Precision Turned Brass Coin Casket, Regular Kennedy Half dollar, velvet bag for storage and routine instructions.

These are in limited production due to time to machine them.

Please Note, we do all our own manufacturing here in our shops and everything is made in the USA.

To see all the possible uses of the Coin Casket, check this link here at the Magic Cafe

I am really excited about this product and I give this trick my highest rating and strongly recommend you grab one before they are gone!