Wild Reserve Playing Cards by Bill Davis Magic

I love the Wild Reserve playing cards designed by Bill Davis and manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company. These cards cost 15 bucks and can be found on tons of magic sites as well as at www.billdavismagic.com.

These cards and the tuck box are cast in a light pink color and the design of the boar’s head is a beautiful stained-glass like image in various shades of pink and black and white. The tuck box has a large boar’s head on one side and a boar’s tail on the other. The box edge’s have the words “Wild Reserve” on it and the top of the flap bear the words “Pink Boar”. The inner flap contains the words “BILL DAVIS MAGIC” and in a smaller font “MAGIC IS IN THE HAND OF THE CARD HOLDER” The inner side flaps of the tuck box both contain the “BD” logo inside a spade logo.

The deck comes with the standard 52 card and a double backer, two jokers (and like the tuck box, one has the boar’s head and the other the tail. You also get an ad card that explains the mission of the 100 acre Pig Preserve rescue for pig and boar in Tennessee. You can learn more about the preserve by going to their website at www.thepigpreserve.org. On the Boar’s head Joker, you can see and “8” in one nostril and club in the other to help you with an 8 of Clubs reveal. The Ace of Spades has a customized “BD” in the middle of a large black spade and the “BILL DAVIS MAGIC” text logo and slogan previously mentioned.

The cards are mostly standard, other than the Ace of Spades, as described above, and the Queen of Clubs , The Jack of Hearts and the King of Diamonds. The King of Diamonds has the number “9” and a club tattooed on the King’s hand for a card reveal. Each of these three cards have custom faces revealed in the ad copy reprinted below.

The ad copy for the cards states:

“2019 is The Year of the Pig! What better way to honor it than through a USPCC deck for a related cause? Be part of something great!

This stylish deck of playing cards was designed in honor of pigs, to spread awareness on pig rescue, and to promote The Pig Preserve in Jamestown, TN where my family and I volunteer.

I have wanted to begin releasing my own decks for quite some time and felt that honoring this cause was the perfect opportunity to launch my very first deck. I’m proud to be doing it for such a wonderful purpose!

The pigs thank you.

What kind of deck is this?

This is a high-quality standard poker-size deck made by USPCC (The United States Playing Card Company), the most widely known and trusted playing card company in the industry.

Who do they suit and what do they feature?

Wild Reserve: Pink Boar Playing Cards are perfect for everyone including card enthusiasts, card game players, magicians, cardists and flourishers alike.

Each deck comes with 56 cards, featuring a minimalistic yet beautifully intricate and inconspicuous one-way back design. It includes mostly standard face cards aside from custom court cards including the Jack of Hearts featuring my profile, a custom Queen of Clubs featuring my wife’s profile AND a second 8-Club reveal. There’s also Daniel Madison’s King of Diamonds with the 9-Club reveal, a custom Ace of Spades, two custom Jokers (one of which is an 8-Club reveal), a double backer and an ad card that provides a description of the rescue and their contact details for more information.

With USPCC traditional faces and classic thick-bordered card backs on USPCC’s classic grade card stock with air cushion finish, all housed in a standard C1S stock tuck case, this is practically a Bicycle deck!”

The card back design has two small boar’s heads that appear to be a two way design, but any magician will know how to instantly find the hidden detail that reveals that the card back is really a one-way design. It is hard to detect, but easy to see if you are looking for it. As stated above, the card is mostly pink and surrounded by a thin black line. The edge of the cards are white.

Sometimes things just come together perfectly and they work nicely. I am a fan of the layout, the colors, the graphics and really everything about these cards. Well done Bill!