Vanille Playing Cards by Paul Robaia

The Vanille playing cards have a colorful art deco feel to them with squiggly lines in a turquoise.   green, black and white.  Printed by the USPCC company, you get the standard 52 cards with two jokers a double facer (with different faces) and an ad card with the url

The tuckbox is a cardboard feeling paper and is adorned with the squiggly design in the green, black and white.  There is a black strip running through the center and on one side it simply states : “vanille PLAYING CARDS” and on the other it states “designed by Paul Robaia Printed in the USA San Diego, CA 92104 2020”  The design wraps around all sides and edges of the box.  All the number cards are standard USPCC, but the Court cards are infused with the turquoise green.  All the faces contain only that color, white and some yellow.

The backs of all the cards have the same design and they are a two-way design.

The Ace of Spaces is an original card in that the large spade in the center of the deck is comprised of four different colored pieces.  One black, one red, one yellow and one turquoise.  Under the spade the words vanilla PLAYING CARDS are printed in a small font.

The two jokers each show a magician pulling rabbits from a hat and on one card one of the rabbits says “touch me and I’ll sue” and on the other joker the other rabbit is saying (by use of a speech bubble) “ohhh not again”

The ad copy states:

“A limited edition print, Vanille Playing Cards are a marriage of minimalism and modernism.

A rich mint and black flirt with one another to provide beautiful juxtaposition and depth within the back design. The back design is complimented with minimal face cards where a striking color palette is further presented.

Composed of the same mint and black, it also hosts yellow and red. Together, the colors create a sensory experience of utter beauty and sleekness.

Designed by Paul Robaia, Vanille was printed at The United States Playing Card Company.
Its matching, elegant letterpress tuck box was printed from Clove Street Press.
These cards are suited for magicians, cardists, and collectors.”

There is one double backer that contains the regular card design and the other side has the same card design, but with a redish color instead of the green.

These cards are very aesthetically pleasing and will snatch your friends and spectator’s attention.  Very cool indeed.

Thanks to Murphy’s Magic for supplying me with these cards to get the word out with my honest review.  Check them out at any Murphy’s dealer.