UP by Steve Marchello

UP is a gimmick that allows you to place any selected card on top of the deck and have it levitate on command about an inch off the deck under your spectator’s finger.  For reasons described below, this trick gets a poor rating.

With your $29.95 purchase, you get the pre-made gimmick on a Bicycle card rider back in a small black cardboard package and a password protected link to a 21 minute instructional video.

Now before I go ahead and give you what I think is the brutal truth about this gimmick, I have to say that the human side of me feels bad because the creator seems like a genuinely nice and good person.  However, the reviewer side of says that I have to tell you what I truly think about the product so you can make your own decision about the trick by gathering research from the few places that will tell you like it is.  OK, so that being said, here goes:

When I first got the product, I immediately thought of several weaknesses to it.  Such as, it is overpriced, it is not strong enough to be a stand-alone trick (but it could be used as a 20 second filler after another card trick), it is likely to go awry if the spectator doesn’t hold exactly still when the card is magically levitating under their finger and the gimmick is likely to draw attention is the spectator gets a glimpse of it.

The major problem that I had is that the gimmick broke within 20 minutes of taking it out of the packaging so I never got to test out my perceived weaknesses on actual spectators before writing this review.  The truth is that after having reviewing countless tricks for so many years, I am usually spot on with the issues before I present them.  I am occasionally wrong, but rarely, and when I am it is about the audience’s reaction.  Sometimes I expect to have a minimal reaction and the trick gets a great reaction.  In those cases I am pleasantly surprised.

In any event, I did find a way to do some patchwork repair with some tape and the anticipated problems with regards to the trick going awry was accurate depending on where the spectator positioned their finger over the card.

The 21 minute video is presented by the creator in English, which was a mistake.  His English was poor with an extremely thick accent.  The instructional part of the video was about 4 or 5 minutes and it could easily have been a minute with superimposed text on the video.  At times the instructor was sweating profusely on his forehead and that is a bit distracting.  The reminder of the video teaches you how to fix and make the gimmick.  After watching the tutorial on how to make one, I would never ever even attempt to fix this baby.

Even if the gimmick didn’t break right out of the box, I would imagine that this trick will end up in the unused magic trick drawer.

I also have a major problem with the product ad-product which states:

“UP is a tremendous way for card levitation effect

  • No threads
  • No magnet
  • No force

It’s a classic magic card routine. pick a card, then sign it then put it back to the deck. But what’s next will be shocking the spectator, they will experiencing having magic by touch the deck then ‘the card’ will float on their finger like they have their own magic.

You can even hand out the card when you’re done!

  • Instant reset
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to perform


There is a claim that is just not true and plain old false!  This gimmick uses thread and if you want to repair it you need to purchase a specific kind of thread.  That is a big NO! NO! for me.  If you are going to advertise something, you better be honest about what you are selling.

So, after all, it’s my job to tell you the truth and I appreciate Murphy’s Magic for giving me the opportunity to review this trick for you.  If you see something that I don’t, you can buy this trick at any Murphy’s Magic dealer.