The Gift by Angelo Carbone

The Gift is another amazing Angelo Carbone astonishment that is guaranteed to baffle anyone (yes, magicians too). Basically, with The Gift you show a small box (approximately 3 and ¼ inches on each side) with a small top on it.  Out of the box you take a deck of cards and close the box.  The spectator deals the cards face-up, one at a time and stops whenever she wants.  Then, the performer picks up the box to shake it so the spectator knows that there is something else in the box.  The spectator takes off the top and removes a small billet size piece of paper inside.  When that paper is unfolded, the name of the chosen card is written on it.  The spectator can see that the many cards dealt before the chosen card and many cards after the chosen card are all different.

With your purchase of The Box, you get a special deck of cards that has been around for ages and one of the most common magic gimmicks that has been specially modified for this trick. The box is made out of a thick and sturdy cardboard, but needs to be kept away from a sofa where you can sit on it and crush it.  It is excellently made and looks cool on the table.  You also get three downloadable videos hosted on the Murphy’s Magic website.  The first is a trouble shooting video that last about 7 minutes.  It quickly reviews some basics and easy-to-fix issues that you may encounter.  The second video is a 39 minute instructional video for The Gift which is narrated and taught by Angelo Carbone. It teaches a prediction routine and it is absolutely amazing.  The routine is easy to learn and easy to perform.  The third video is a 3 minute bonus idea.

A few things to know: the box can be visually inspected but cannot be placed under an FBI microscope (although there is no reason to inspect the box – even for the skeptical spectator). The deck cannot be inspected before or after it has been dealt and the cards cannot be shuffled.  The prediction card is not always the same, but you should not perform the trick twice in a row to the same audience as the result may be the same.  There is some set-up and reset with the prediction billet, but it only takes a few seconds.  There are no switches or need to palm anything as everything is contained in the box.

The black color box costs $75 and the special edition gold version costs $100. I have the black version and think it looks amazing.

Because of the box’s size, it is not good for walk-around, but it is amazing for a parlor setting or even casual settings with your friends. This is really a top notch product.

I promise you 100% that you will fry anyone with this Carbone awesomeness. This is worth every penny!

This superstar trick can be purchased at any Murphy’s Magic dealer.