Tarantula 2 by Yigal Mesika

Tarantula 2 is Yigal Mesika’s update to the original levitation device. The device is a motorized IT spool that hides in plain sight – this should not be a secret to anyone in the world at all.  The second generation boasts a USB rechargeable battery and the ability to “pause” the length of IT at a certain length before it is pulled back into the device.

The diversity of powerhouse effects that you can perform with the tarantula is truly awesome. With the purchase of the Tarantula 2 you get the device, one reel and a USB cord to charge the Tarantula 2.  You also get a link to a password protected streaming instructional 30 minute video that is taught by Mesika.  The video has several performances of a ring levitation, a floating lifesaver routine, a moving and flying bill and a haunted deck.  Some of the videos are studio performances of the effects and some are highly edited live performances.  Each and every effect is mind-blowing.  In addition, Mesika suggests performing a PK touch routine with the device, although he does not explain how or demonstrate it at all.  Quite honestly, I think that the PK touch routine is the strongest of the effects one can perform with this device and I have immensely enjoyed exploding people’s minds with this easy to use device.

The motor in the device is unbelievably silent. You will need to hold it to your ear to hear it working.  The IT that comes with the Tarantula 2 is as close to totally invisible as you can get.  That being said, the IT will break during initial use until you get more familiar with its properties.  Mesika teaches how to set-up the device if the thread is snapped by mistake or on purpose since you will intentionally snap the thread during several of the routines.  If you purchase this product, you should definitely have back up reels and I would have expected a second reel with the purchase.  I also think that the device should have come with a simple carrying case.

It is true that the device is exposed and can be spotted by your spectators if they are looking in the right place, however, due to the design of the device, it is extremely unlikely that it will be spotted since your spectators will be looking at the object that is magically flying through the air.

The Tarantula 2 gets the highest rating due to the ease at which you can perform several different miracles. Mazel Tov Mr. Mesika!

This superb device is available at any Murphy’s Magic dealer.