Snowstorm Deluxe by Raul Brauer

The Snowstorm in China effect is a classic.  I have seen it performed live and done well it is quite captivating.  I have never performed his trick routine, but have always enjoyed watching it.  The trick in a nutshell is as follows:  The performer rips up a piece of paper or napkin, maybe throws some pieces up in the air and watches as they fall.  He puts the rest of the paper in a glass with water, wrings the water out of the paper strips and starts fanning it with a traditional Chinese fan.  Small pieces of “snow” start flying from the performers hand as the fan propels the bits of snow into the air.  It is a beautiful sight.

With your purchase, you get 8 loads to perform the Snowstorm effect and a 20 minute downloadable instructional video.  The video quality is not professionally done and Brauer’s instruction, originally spoken in Spanish, is heard in an English overdub.

The routine is easy enough to perform as long as you have a fan. Pretty simple.  The loads have many very small and super tiny flakes of pieces of paper as opposed to larger pieces which you may see in videos on the internet.

I test drove these loads and it was so much fun to perform.


The ad copy states:

“The snowstorm is one of the favorites and classics in magic, but now with Snowstorm Deluxe you will make a real blizzard come out from your hands.

Snowstorm Deluxe is hand made from ultra-light weight paper and cut into very small pieces ensuring they will create the desired effect.

Simple and reliable new type of load.

Easy to store and handle.

Works even with small fans.

8 loads in every packet.

Online DVD with detailed instructions and bonus effect.”

I appreciate Murphy’s Magic providing me with this trick so I can expand my horizons and give you my honest review of a trick I have never performed before.  The Snowstorm Deluxe is easy to perform, is brilliantly beautiful and conjures up childhood dreams of being in a snowstorm.  You can get this great trick at any Murphy’s Magic outline online.