The Seer Deck by Liam Montier and Big Blind Media

What is the Seer Deck? It is a gimmicked deck that allows you to divine 2 merely thought of cards with little effort.  Two spectators each choose a different card that they just see in the deck, as it is being riffled, but never touch.  This Liam Montier and Big Blind Media baby is another really strong and very powerful piece of magic.


With your $25 purchase you get a gimmicked Bicycle deck of cards that combines two very established methods for fooling. The first is revealed in the ad copy for the trick and the second shall remain a secret until you buy this trick.  The combination of these two methods allows you to perform an amazing effect that will garner great reactions.  You also get written instructions and a password protected link to a Vimeo video.  The video is taught by Liam Montier and John Carey and is 18 minutes long.  The trick is very simple and learning it will be very easy.  The teaching, as per usual with a Liam Montier and Big Blind Media product is excellent.  The video starts with a studio performance to two of the BBM girls.  This trick is designed to perform to at least 2 people and it really cannot be performed for 1 person – or it would be a bit weird and hard for the spectator.


The cards can be spread face up on the table (and this is part of the routine), but the deck cannot be stared at for a long period of time and it can never be handed out. However, there is no sleight of hand whatsoever.  When you perform this trick, you can repeat it and there is the possibility that there are different selected cards.  I would not perform this trick for the same table twice, but would feel free to do it in a strolling situation.  The resent takes about a second.


You need to do about 2 minutes of permanent set-up work to the deck before you do this trick and then you are done.


Getting to the reveal, you will not always have the astounding reveal that you see in the promotional video, but it is still a very strong trick. I like the thinking behind this and because it is so easy to use and requires no practice whatsoever it is an instant hit.


Any seer will tell you that if you buy this slayer, you will use it, get fantastic reactions and enjoy performing the trick.


Thanks to Murphy’s Magic for supplying this trick for my review.