Rejoined by Joao Miranda and Julio Montoro

Rejoined by Joao Miranda and Julio Montoro is a torn and restored card effect with a twist that you won’t see coming.   For $49.95 you get 60 gimmicks (83 cents per performance) and a routine that is memorable, amazing and very strong.

With your purchase of Rejoined, as stated above, you get 60 gimmicks, one to tear for each performance. You get a link to a streaming instructional video taught by Miranda and Montoro which is hosted on  If there is a way to download the video, I have not figured it out.  The routine is simple.  A card is selected. The back is signed by a spectator and then by the performer so that both signatures are visible.  The card is torn in half and one half is flipped over so that you see on back and one face.  After lining up the non-torn top edges of the torn cards, they miraculously fuse together so that a new mutant card is created half a back and half a face.  Both signatures are present on the backs and it is amazing.

The gimmicks are specially printed to look like red-backed Bicycle cards. You can perform this trick with 4 different cards, all court cards.  The cards do not feel like Bicycle cards because the quality of the gimmicks is not as good as the quality of standard Bikes.  Magicians will notice this, but most spectators will not.

The 17 and a half minute instructional video is not great. First off, there are no live performances.  The quality of the audio is poor and background music dubbed into the track abruptly stops several times during the instructions.  The video instruction, especially when you are learning the “move” is a bit rushed and the not best angles.  Contrary to the ad-copy that states “Without any cover or special moves the signed halves are restored” there is a move and it can look a bit suspect unless you practice by destroying few of the gimmicks. Replacement gimmicks are sold in packs of 50 that costs 50 cents per gimmick.  There are a few ways to do the “move” and I suggest you undertake the practice so the effect appears as amazing as can be.

There are serious angles that you need to be aware of and when you are handling the cards. Your spectators need to be right in front of you and not on the sides.  You need to be careful not to expose an aspect of the gimmick that will somewhat inform the spectator of the method when you are handling it.  As is not uncommon with an effect if this type you will need to be able to palm and ditch something, which can kind of see in the promotional video if you are looking for it.

Notwithstanding the issues presented above, this is a super trick. Rejoined is a great version of a classic trick that will annihilate your audience.  It leaves an impossible souvenir with your spectator that will be shown around to fellow lay people.

Check it out and pick it up!

This killer can be purchased from any Murphy’s Magic retailer.