Providence Playing Cards by The 1914

The Providence playing cards are great looking and exude luxury.  These cards have the potential of becoming an instant classic.  The best part about these cards are the back design.  The design is a two way black, bronze and gold design that contains a single eye in the middle of the card.  The card edges are comprised of a thin white edges and inside them are columns and an intricate design with fine detail.  The eye in the middle is made of a gold colored reflective metallic paper and it is a beautiful touch.

The pips in the Clubs and Spades contain are in black ink and are surrounded by a thin bronze line.  The pips in the Hearts and Diamonds are in red ink and like the Clubs and Spades, are surrounded by a thin bronze line (except for the index pips which are either entirely black or entirely red.  The pips are custom designed.  The aces are pretty simple, except for the Ace of Spades which is a giant Spade, drawn in black, white and bronze.   Within the body of the Spade are the words “PROVIDENCE PLAYING CARDS”.  This deck of cards faro easily and the back design is impressive.

Also include with the standard 52 cards are two Jokers, identical in design, but different in color.  One is black and the other is bronze.  The text “PRODUCED BY THE1914 LONDON, ENGLAND” are underneath the unique Joker logo which contains a jester’s cap and the eye mention above.  The Court cards are comprised of standard designs, but the characters are adorned in clothing that is a deep red and the bronze color that appears on the card backs.  The deck also comes with an advertising card that delivers a coupon code for 10% of your next order.

The tuck box is amazing. It has a horizontal opening and is made of a thick cardboard stock paper.  The tuck box is made of black paper and has gold metallic print all over it.  On one back, it has the large word PROVIDENCE in a beautiful font and the words “PLAYING CARDS” in smaller font under the PROVIDENCE. The design is very appealing.  On the side that the box opens, there is the eye surrounded by a circle and what appears to be spears (just like the back design) with lines radiating from the edge of the spears to the edge of the box.  It looks great!  The edge credits production to The1914 and the design and illustration to Destino.  The cards are printed by the Expert Playing Card Company in China.  On the other edge, The1914 printed the Roman numerals MCMXIV – which of course is the year 1914.  The smaller edge has the words DESTINO X THE1914 with a design around the words.  The flap has a design and the words PROVIDENCE on it.

The ad copy states:

“The eye of Providence

All seeing
All knowing
A symbol of the awakened
A call to view the universe through eyes of creation
We look
But we do not see
Only when the light of the soul blinds the eye of the ego
Will truth be set free

The 1914 is proud to present its flagship luxury Providence Playing Cards. Printed by the Expert Playing Card Company on their world-renowned premium card stock, Providence oozes class and style with its tantalizing metallic ink and gold foiling on each and every card.

Designed by Destino and inspired by the secrets of the universe, Providence represents mystery; The embodiment of both chaos and order; Infinite sequences of 52 ancient symbols that glide poetically between the hands and glisten in the light.

Housed in an embossed sideways tuck-box, Providence cards are traditionally cut for smooth handlings and perfect faro shuffles. Illuminate your mind and stimulate the senses with a brand new premium and tactile experience.”

Thanks to Murphy’s Magic for sending me this awesome deck of cards so I can provide my honest feedback to you.  These cards can be found at any Murphy’s retailer.