Pressure Force by Dani DaOrtiz and Murphy’s Magic

Whenever the name DaOrtiz is attached to a project it catches our attention. Yes, we all know that Dani is a master and a world class teacher, but above all he is a top-notch entertainer. With the Pressure Force download you not only learn a trick, but you get a segment of what is no doubt a part of Dani’s future masterclass on forcing and audience management.

So what’s the trick? The performer hands a deck of cards to a spectator and asks him to deal the cards down and stop whenever they want. The spectator stops and puts the selected card face down on the table. The performer hands the rest of the deck to a second spectator and that spectator picks a card by the same method and puts the selected card on the table next to the first card. This is repeated with two more spectators until there are four face-down cards on the table. Then a random amount of cards are dealt down by the spectator and they apparently stop whenever they want. The last stack of cards are counted and there are ten cards. Then the four face-down cards are turned over and they are the four 10’s. The trick is so direct and super fooling.

The skinny is that the performer is controlling the spectator in a way that is so bold and so simple you may be intimidated to try it. For sure, in the beginning you will not hit 100% of the time, but this is worth practicing so you build up the confidence. It is not hard, but it requires guts and the ability to count and talk at the same time.

Having watched the performance first, you do not see anything. What DaOrtiz is doing is invisible and amazing. You cannot tell that DaOrtiz is masterfully controlling the spectators.

The trick itself requires a set-up. It will take about a minute or two to set it up and most performers (99% of us) will want to have this set up beforehand. It is a bit too extensive of a set-up to do on the fly. You will perform this in an intimate setting, like around a table.

The ad copy described the Pressure force as “Known world wide for his forcing ability, Dani DaOrtiz shares one of his brand new forcing concepts for the very first time. In Pressure Force, you don’t control the cards… you control the audience.

Imagine, four cards are randomly selected by your spectators. Another spectator deals down to a random amount of cards, stopping only when they want. Impossibly the random selections are revealed to be a four of a kind. And if that’s not enough, the value exactly matches the number of cards dealt onto the table.

In Pressure ForceDani reveals the secrets to this revolutionary new tool. It’s so good, Dani was fooling his audience even during the explanation!”

The Pressure Force redefines what “control” means. Imagine you are a puppeteer and the spectator is your puppet. In a way, you are pulling invisible strings and guiding your spectators in a way that you never have before. I love watching this guy and aspire to be him.

Thanks to Murphy’s Magic for asking me to review this awesome download. This $14.95 download is 16 minutes long and rates 9.5 out of 10!