Password by Mariano Goni

Password boasts to provide you with a video prediction system. So, what that means is that you ask a spectator to name, for example, a type of car. They name it. It could have been a Mercedes, or Hyundai, Toyota, Jaguar, Porsche, Dodge, Ford, BMW, Land Rover…you get the picture. Then they click on a youtube link from a website you entered or your social media and there it is, a video of the selected car pulling up on the screen.

If you like this idea, there is something here for you!

With your $60 purchase you get a password protected 50 minute video and access to the website that allows you to do the video prediction on a spectator’s phone.The ad copy states:

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.”

Step up your predictions with video, using “PASSWORD“!

Once you set up your panel, you can perform without your phone.

Ask your spectator to name, point or write any option. Then they enter your web page or Instagram, only to find a video on Youtube or Vimeo – with you holding or showing the desired object!


No accomplice.

No voice recognition.

No app – access from your browser.

Never touch your phone (can be dead).

Password can be always the same.

Password can be in plain sight from the start.

No forcing — any option can be named.

Extreme customization — integrate on your own website.

Link can be placed on your Instagram or Facebook account to harvest followers!

Trick can be performed at the same time for 20+ spectators — they all see the video.

The video is on your Youtube account, with the correct date, uploaded long ago.

No CGI. The video can be as long as you want.

All languages supported.

This is propless mentalism of the XXI Century. The limit is your imagination!

You are in control of the system and can change the outcome to ANYTHING you can imagine.

Comes ready to perform with predefined videos!


Access to a computer for the setup.

Youtube or Vimeo account.


Understanding of the English language.

Knowledge of “copy/paste.”

With this purchase you are ready to go once you set up your own account, there are many preloaded stock videos that you can use, but if you want to take the time, you can replace the preloaded videos with your own custom videos. So, for example, if you want to have a spectator select a car, you can have videos in which you are sitting on the selected car or where you write the name of the car down on a pad. You can do the same with any card, shoot a video of yourself removing a single card from a deck of cards. I think this is a great way to do a reveal or recover from a mishap in card magic.

However, I found the instructional video not to be a beacon of clarity and the process of using the website was a bit clunky, for me. I also was not enthralled with the name of the url that is needed to perform Password. I am critical of much of the website based magic because I believe that spectators are super focused on the fact that the technology creates the magic. There are very few magic apps (although this is web based and not an app) that I will use. The motivation for touching the spectator’s phone makes sense, but it may be questioned? I think this will depend on the performer’s presentation and patter. There are many methods for using this trick. You can be holding your phone or just have a spectator’s phone in play. In the latter version, because you have to hold the spectator’s phone for an instant, I think that will raise questions.

As I said, I am very critical of web-based magic. Please take that into consideration. After having reviewed this product, I searched out some other reviews on the web which gave this web-based trick very high ratings. I also ask you to consider that as well, in light of my predisposition against most magic you perform on your phone. For me, I will not be using this website solely because of the url that is entered into the spectator’s phone. If that doesn’t bother you, then jump on this.

There is a Facebook user group that shares new and evolving ideas that I would check out.

I can see how performers of phone magic will love Password as will their spectators. It is quite amazing to pull up a pre-recorded video of a freely chosen item. Pulling off a video prediction makes any mentalism effect fry on nuclear heat.

Thanks to Murphy’s Magic for providing me this product to review and give my honest opinion.