Liam Montier’s Memo by Big Blind Media

Ready to get hit in the eyes and the mind…Memo! BAM!!!

In this 8 and a half minute download, Liam Montier presents a very cool memory trick with a gaffed deck. There are tons of gaffed decks and this is one that not every magician has and those that do may have one in the back of the closet somewhere. You don’t get this deck with your $6.99 purchase and you can buy on separately for the same amount of the download.

With this deck, you can perform Liam’s trick, but you can also perform countless other tricks and it is somewhat of a forgotten deck among many (not all) magicians. I have to confess that I have a few of these decks and have not used them for years. I never bought one, but I constructed my own and never found the pocket space for them, but I should have. This deck cannot be handed out, not for even a second, but you can entertain for a solid block of time with this trick and many others.

The trick presented is a memory or perception trick. The performer truly shuffles the deck a few times and is able to display the cards to the spectator. The spectator picks a card and looks at it, but does not show the performer the card. Then the performer riffles through the deck very quickly, in under a second, and is able to recognize which card is missing. The trick is repeated, but the spectator does not look at the card, the performer calls it out after a quick riffle and the spectator turns it over and of course the performer is right. For the third and final phase, three cards are chosen and the performer is able to quickly flip through the deck and call out all selected three cards.

The trick is presented and explained by Liam Montier in the Big Blind Media red room and it is of course produced and edited consistent with BBM’s excellent production and editing.

The trick requires no sleight of hand, no memory and is quite fooling to all lay people and a nice chunk of magicians.

This is a great trick and it will open up your world to a new avenue of fooling.