High Quality Card Coins by Airship Magic

Somewhere along the way I saw an ad from www.airshipmagic.com for a Kennedy half dollar with a card suit and value cut into it. The picture showed a “2” and a Heart. Advertised for $15, I jumped on it and it arrived just yesterday.

I previously did a review of another custom made Airship Magic product, thought the workmanship was excellent and am happy to report that this coin shares the same pride in product.

What you get for your $15 purchase is a Kennedy half dollar with a card cut into it wrapped in a piece of paper. You don’t get instructions on how to use it or any suggested routines. I imagine that most magi that buy this coin will already know what to do with it and use it as a reveal for a card trick.

In the past, I have purchased similar Kennedy halfs with cards milled into it, but they have not been of the same quality. This is the best quality card coin I have seen based upon the size and crispness of the cut, the font and the image.



I have one criticism. The cuts are made so that you view it on the tail side of the coin and not the head. I personally would have preferred the coin to be cut into the head. No biggie, just my personal preference. See the attached photos.







I can highly recommend this product.