Any Card by Richard Sanders

This is the best gaffed card trick of 2019. There! I said it! I have never taken such a bold position before in the review of card trick, but the moment has arrived. Any Card is here!

In summary, the performer takes out a deck of cards. He asks the spectator to name any card in the deck. There is no force or equivoque. Once the card is named, the performer spreads the cards to reveal that the four Aces have been turned face-up in advance. It is noted that the card came from a different deck and as the spectator will see in a moment, the Aces are red backed Bicycle cards while the entire deck is a blue back deck of bikes. Let’s say that the spectator names the Four of Clubs a few seconds earlier. When the Aces are turned over each card has one word written on it in permanent marker. It is revealed “THE” “FOUR” “OF” “CLUBS”. One word per card and it is always an exact hit. How is it possible??!! This is guaranteed to blow anyone’s mind!

The ad copy states:

“From the fertile mind of that crazy clever guy, Richard Sanders, comes a killer effect that packs a HUGE punch to the spectator’s mid section!

Introducing ANY CARD…

Hand a deck of cards to someone and ask them to think of Any Card (no force). You explain that you previously turned over the 4 aces in the deck because you’re sure that they are thinking of an Ace. They say no, they’re thinking of the 3 of Hearts! You explain that there’s another important reason why you turned over the Aces, they’re marked. You slowly turn over the Aces revealing a word printed on each card…The Three Of Hearts! Their freely thought-of card!

Works with ANY CARD (No Force)
Self working
Fast reset
Angle Proof
Customizable for other languages

Diabolical, custom designed deck
Full video instructions
3 powerful presentations
Bonus ideas and tips”

I do agree that it is a killer effect that packs a HUGE punch, but I feel the need to clarify a few things. First, I would not hand out the deck to anyone. It is highly gimmicked and anyone that holds the cards may blow the trick. Unless, they hold the deck and don’t move any cards at all. Not likely. There is no need for anyone to hold the deck whatsoever, but you can have them hold the deck in the box. The trick is so strong and so great and you will only potentially bet burned. Second, I don’t like the use of the term “Self Working” in the description. While the trick is very easy to perform (and super easy to learn) you need to do something very easy to make the trick work. I would not say it is a “move” per se, but it is a way to handle the cards. For this reason, I have to say that this is not self working. Finally, it says that the trick is “angle proof” which is almost completely true, but not 100%. You cannot hold the deck up high or anyone that catches a glimpse of the underside of the deck will see something they should not. I would not perform this trick in low light because it is possible that you will miss something.

With your $40 purchase, you get the gimmicked deck prepared with something scientific that resembles a common gaffed deck. I do not know how long it will last, but man is this good right out of the box. You also get a password protected streaming video that is not downloadable. There are 21 distinctly labeled video that are very informative, to the point and extremely helpful. The various chapters contain the trailer, a live performance, an overview, how to set up the deck, preparing the deck, reset, various different presentations, and a Magic Live performance by Sanders, among other segments. Sanders does a great job teaching this masterpiece.

There is a one-time set-up that will take you about 10 to 30 minutes and it will require you to yield a Sharpie so be careful. The reset for this trick takes a few seconds and can be done in front of your spectators so long as there is no one standing behind you. Here there is an angle issue.

This is an awesome trick that is perfect for any situation. Your friends will love it. You can hop tables with it. It would kill in a parlor setting and with the right set-up it can be used on stage.

I have to extend the greatest thanks to Murphy’s Magic for asking me to give this product my honest review because I can tell you all about this beauty. Any Card is available at any Murphy’s Magic retailer and I urge you to check it out because you will love this one!