Winner’s Dice by Secret Factory

Very cool! That is what anyone will say about this magical forcing die. It is so easy to use and to perform and it works real well. I have a very easy time giving this a big fat thumbs up.

What you get for your $40 purchase is the gimmicked die, a couple of other things that help make it work, a small black velvet carrying bag and a password protected downloadable 29 minute instructional video.   The product comes in a sturdy small cardboard box that I sometimes use as the needed receptacle when throwing the die.

The die looks and feels like a totally normal die. It rolls normally and can withstand deep and full inspection. I am unsure of the exact mechanism that makes this die work, but you can have anyone of the six numbers be selected. You can change the number you want to roll but you have to do a little something for a few second before you roll a new number. That little something can be done in front an audience, but you need to have a simple set-up to do it. I don’t think it is the most natural thing to do, but with audience engagement and a bit of patter, you will be able to do this easily. The specific/technical way the die works is unknown to me and I do not want to cut the thing in half to figure it out. I have a general idea, but am not sure of the specific gimmick that is used. The gimmick is very cool though because it works.

When rolling the die to the selected or predicted number, you need to roll the die in a container or glass that you provide, which can be fully inspected, if you have another set-up prepared. You can also have the spectator roll the die and see that different numbers come up and then you can immediately roll the selected number. You can do this any place and it is portable, but you will need to be able to make sure you have the proper platform and container. I would avoid rolling the die in very tall glasses however because they bounce high and I had mixed results when using a glass that was about 10 inches high. Most people will not use such a high cup.

The trick comes with one die. You would not be able to use two at the same time in the same container.

The downloadable video is narrated by a magician whose first language is not English. His accent is very heavy and the video is way too long. I watched the whole thing, but it was painful. I think a thorough instructional video could have been about 10 minutes.

The ad copy says:

“Winner’s Dice is a normal-looking die that can force ANY NUMBER between 1 to 6.

It uses a very special technology which makes our die fully examinable. The spectator can check the die and he can try throwing it to make sure the results are random. But actually, you are in control of the outcome!

The forcing result can be changed during the performance, so you can do something like having two different predictions written on two white cards facing down — one for you and one for your spectator. You throw the die, show the result and turn over the first card — the prediction matches the number. Then the spectator throws the same die — the result is different from the first time. Then he turns over the second card — this card’s prediction matches the second result!

You can use this to make a prediction (even an open prediction) or mindreading routine, or you can also just use it as a force in your own routine. The power of this gimmick is limited only by your imagination!!!


  • There is no switch. No other dice. Just one die can force 6 numbers.
  • You can control and change the results in real time.
  • No electric device.
  • Spectator can throw the die themselves to complete the force.
  • Fully examinable.
  • Use any borrowed cup or glass or bowl.
  • Very practical! “

As far as prediction die goes that can be tossed around and the number changed, for its price, this is the best. What a great product. It is so simple and so powerful for your spectators when you predict 5 different rolls in advance. For me, it really changes the way I look at dice tricks, without needing to invest 4 figures.

This super little trick/device can be purchased at any Murphy’s Magic retailer.