Untitled Playing Cards (version 2) by Adam Borderline

This is the second edition of the “Untitled” playing cards by photographer Adam Borderline. The card backs have a two-way red, black and white design that is described in the ad copy, which is copied below.

With your $15 purchase of this limited edition deck of cards you get 56 cards. The standard deck manufactured by the USPCC and a few extra cards. Of course, the double backer, two Joker cards that have a detail of the card back in a square that is surrounded by a large white border and an ad card that states “1/2500 A limited edition run featuring abstract art by Adam Borderline. Passion overcomes all.”

The cards themselves have a thin white border on the backs and a cool painted design that looks like a Rorschach ink blot test. What do you see in it? I see a mysterious person, a loner. What does that say about me?

Most of the cards are indistinguishable from your standard bikes, except the blue color in the Court cards has been replaced with black. However, the Ace of Spades is an enlarged spade with detail from the card back. It is a very cool AS. It has very subtle writing under the base of the spade that says “untitled”.  The Hearts, two through ten each have an altered heard with design from the card back that is really cool.

If you go to the creator’s website: www.adamborderline.com it says that the cards are sold out. However, as of the writing of this email, there are still some available at Murphy’s Magic: https://www.murphysmagic.com/product.aspx?id=62817 .

The ad copy states:

“A limited run of 2500 abstract art pieces.

This art will never be reprinted.

Untitled V2 ‘Reflections’ is a journey into the mind of an artist. The reflection of self.

It began with a painting, then photographed and mirrored 4 times. Throughout the design are hidden meanings relating to the topic of reflection and art.

The hearts 2-10 have one pip enhanced to incorporate the back design. However, the AKQJ have been left unaltered. This signifies that the untitled ones, born from nothing, have nothing. The court cards were often used to resemble royalty.


The Ace of Spades has been enlarged and incorporates the back design, with a faint Untitled logo beneath it. To maintain a consistent color palette of the deck, the standard blue from USPCC has been removed, leaving just red, yellow and black.”

Interestingly, the card box is gray, black and white on all sides, except one which has the predominantly red design. The box’s edge’s has the words “FLUID CARDS” in all caps and the top edge of the flap has the word “UNTITLED” on the top edge. This is the second edition of the Untitled series, the first edition with a different back design.

I am drawn to these cards because of the interesting card design that walks the line between subtle, bold and mystery.







I don’t know how many decks are left, but if you are interested in them, check out any Murphy’s Magic dealer.