Transit by Ron Salamangkero

Transit is a gimmicked card that lets you move a tied ribbon from one corner to another where the spectator sees you punch three different holes with a hole punch.

I am not giving this trick a high rating because I just don’t love it.  I don’t like that you have to carry a hole puncher around with you for this effect (although for other effects such as Tag I would be happy to carry a hole puncher), I don’t like how the gimmick feels in my hands and I don’t think that this is a very practical trick to do in person.

The best use for this trick is on social media where you can control the lighting, the performance and the gimmicked card.  I would not perform this because I think there is way too much heat on the card and if the lighting is not low, it is very likely that your spectators will see something that reveals that the card is gimmicked.

You can always switch out the gimmicked card for a regular card with three holes in it, but for my money, this is not for me.

The $29.95 product comes with a 12 minute instructional video taught by the creator and it looks like it was shot on a stationary camera phone.  The instructions are easy to follow and understand, the question is really if you want to perform this trick.  I don’t, but in fairness, I have to say under optimal conditions, the effect is very cool looking impossible piece of magic.  How often are you in optimal conditions?

The ad copy states that:

The audience will freak out when you allow them to examine before and after you perform Transit. They can watch closely… there’s nothing to catch.

Ron Salamangkero is proud to present his latest creation. A variant of the traveling hole illusion.

The magician punches hole in three corners of a playing card using a puncher. A ribbon is tied through one hole and the ends knotted together. The card now hangs from the ribbon. With no dodgy hand or finger movement, the magician moves the ribbon from one corner hole to another by sliding it through the space between the holes. He does it twice.

It’s visual magic that looks unbelievable even when seen up close!

The magician the hands everything to the spectator for examination.

Transit comes with a gimmick card and a step by step in-depth video instruction.”






I appreciate Murphy’s Magic asking me to give this product an honest review.