The Vault Series: The Trix by Joel Dickinson

The Trix is a project with four different tricks as described below. The Trix is part of the Murphy’s Magic “The Vault” series and it is a great bunch of tricks for $12.


The first trick, Contagious requires some easy to make gaffed cards and some duplicate cards. In this very good effect the performer shows that the top card has some black spots on the card back in permanent ink. It is explained that the spots are contagious. The spectator then picks a card by calling “stop” as the performer thumbs through the deck. The selected card is then shown to have developed the same dark black spots on the card back. The card is shown to be in the middle of the deck (where it truly is) and then immediately and very visually, it jumps to the back of the deck. This part of the trick is really amazing because the spectator sees a face down card on the back of the deck and in an instant, spots appear on the back of the top card. The kicker is yet to come. The card is shown to be the selected card and then the ink spots turn into actual holes. Quick and easy and requires minimal one-time set up. Reset in immediate. 8.5 out of 10.


The second trick is Through. The effect is quick and simple. The performer draws an arrow and a circle on the side of his finger and in an instant of magic the arrow moves down the finger and through the circle This is a method that is more commonly performed with a ring, but it is a very nice application here. 7.5 out of 10.


The third trick is Stretch Armstrong in which a drawn cartoon stick figure drawn in a signed card visually grows right in front of the spectators eyes. Every time you perform this trick you will obviously write on cards so be prepared to ruin some cards. There is an instant of a discrepancy, but it happens so fast that your spectator won’t notice it. Be prepared to do a basic sleight or two to make this happen. 8 out of 10.

The last of the four tricks is Burned Again in which the performer lights a wooden match in front of the spectator and blows it out. Then in an instant, the match is restored to an unlit condition and lit again. There is some set up here and some sleight of hand required in which you need to watch your angles. And, be careful not to burn yourself! 8 out of 10.


Dickinson did a nice job in filming and editing this 26 minute project and performs each trick to the camera and then explains the tricks with a voice over video. There is some looping background music which got to be a bit annoying, but overall, well done.


I appreciate the well thought out quick and easy routines and applaud Joel Dickinson for sharing his babies with us.


This project can be downloaded from any Murphy’s Magic dealer for those that are interested in the above-described tricks.