Sphere Playing Cards by Magic Encarta

The Sphere playing cards make a beautiful deck.  The cards are the white canvas colored with multicolored circular designs.  Manufactured by the USPCC, designed by Vivek Singhi and produced and distributed by Magic Encarta, they come with your standard 52 cards and two identical Jokers and two gaffed two of clubs.

The card back design is simple.  It has a small white border and a multicolor rectangle just a few millimeters off of the card edge.  In the center of the card is a multicolor circle, surrounded by a white ring, surrounded by a multicolor ring.  The rest of the card is white.  The various colors look like they have come off an actual painting and are all colors and shades of a rainbow.

The card box displays the card back described above on both the front and back of the box.  The sides of the box have the suit symbols in multicolor on one side and Vivek Singhi’s signature on the other edge.  The top of the flap bears the words SPHERE CARDS in multicolor as well.

The faces of the cards are very similar in that they only have the corner pips, not the number of pips that are reflective of the value of the card.  So, the 6 of hearts only has the corner pips (the 6 and a heart) and does not have 6 hearts in the center of the card.  The center of each card bears the circular design that adorns the card back.  The diamonds and hearts are redish with other colors and the clubs and spades are blueish with other colors.  There are two jokers that look like every other card, except it contains the word JOKER in the corners in the muilticolor print.  There are two gaffed cards that come with the deck.  They are both 2 of Clubs that are normal looking on the face, but the back of one has only one circle and the other has only a multi color ring.

The ad copy of these cards state:

“Inspired by the traditional art form of moulding multi colored lac using heat, compression and rolling techniques, Magic Encarta is proud to present Sphere Cards.

Sphere Cards is an embodiment of Minimalism, Elegance, Vivid and Uniqueness that will make you not wanting to keep them down. It’s perfect for fans, displays, packet cuts, spreads, spins and looks eye catching even if it’s just kept on the table!!! The deck also hosts a unique border with an all-white back design with a sphere in the center.

Key Features:

52 playing cards

2 Jokers

2 custom gaff cards

Poker sized playing cards

Printed by The United States Playing Card Company

Printed on crushed stock

Air cushion finish

Printed in the USA

Designed by Vivek Singhi

Limited edition of 2000 decks, no reprints ever”

These cards are eye catchy and have a beautiful design.  I love how the cards are simple at the same time have depth due to the colors.  This limited edition is definitely worth your consideration.

I appreciate Murphy’s Magic sending me this deck so that I can provide the community with my honest review.  If you want to pick these up, check out any Murphy’s Magic dealer.