Murphy’s Magic At The Table Lecture With Seol Park

Murphy’s Magic has recently released several overseas editions of the At The Table lecture series. For $7.95 you get a downloadable lecture that is one hour and thirty three minutes.  The ad copy for the lecture is as follows:

“It’s finally here-Seol Park’s At The Table lecture! He’s an internationally acclaimed magician performing all over the world in places like Taiwan, the US, Canada, the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, and Russia. He was the 2015 FISM Italy close-up micro winner, the 2014 FISM Asia close-up champion, the 2014 IBM & SAM combined close-up S.A.M. high score, the 2012 BIMF close-up champion, the 2012 UGM close-up champion, and the 2012 Macmillan International close-up winner. Join us At The Table to find out exactly why Seol Park’s magic is highly praised around the world. Learn his unique blend of close-up and parlor magic right here, At The Table. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Voice Rope Trick: A comic and modern twist to the classic rope routine.

Cup and Ball with a Straw: A routine using a paper cup, a candy ball, and a straw for a simple yet effective cup and ball routine with a kicker ending.

Time to Change: A visual bill change using no gimmicks.

Take Back: A bill transfer routine where the bill spontaneously changes in the spectator’s hand.

Mystery of the 5 Dollar Bill: A story of a lucky two-dollar bill is told in the routine using a bill and cards.

Bill in Pen: The signed card teleports into the cap of the marker that was just used.”

The lecture starts out with a performance of Park’s rope trick in which he cleverly incorporates a time machine patter into a classic. The trick is very strong and he teaches you every aspect of the trick and the various moves and how to make a necessary utility device.  His performances are in his not 100% proficient English and that does detract from the presentation in my opinion.  For the explanation of the tricks Park speak in Korean and the instructions are translated by a Murphy’s Magic assistant named Anna.  Anna does an excellent job in fluently and quickly translating the Korean into English.

Although the lecture is over an hour and a half, it is realistically less than that because of the time needed to translate the explanation of the tricks. Ultimately you get 6 tricks for a bit less than $1.35 each which is a good deal.

Park teaches you how to make several gimmicks necessary for the tricks all of which are easy to construct and will not cost much money at all to acquire the materials needed to make them. As you can see from the 7 out of 10 rating, this was not my favorite At The Table lecture due to the nature of the tricks taught and the language issues.

The tricks run the gamut. For example, the rope trick is a parlor or stage effect.  The Cup and Ball with a Straw can be done in either a parlor of close up setting.  The bill changes can be done in close-up settings and the Bill in Pen trick is a great close-up trick.

If you like the description of the tricks, then this is a pretty good deal. If you are looking for a good rope routine, a bill in pen trick and an assortment of close-up tricks (mostly without the use of any playing cards) then this is a good place to hit download.

This Murphy’s Magic lecture can be purchased online for just $7.95.