Screen Test Pocket Edition by Steve Dimmer and Alakazam Magic

The Screen Test line of products present an excellent mentalist routine using a stack (17 to be exact) of assorted movie poster images printed on either postcards or small collector cards that are almost exactly the size of standard playing cards.  The Screen test Pocket Edition is a great adaptation of a killer effect and my preferred version.

The Pocket Edition, as stated above, comes with smaller cards that are easier to transport and handle.  You can now use this great trick easier in walk-around and strolling situations, without having to worry about pocket space for the larger postcard version.

In the Screen Test Pocket Edition, the performer hands out the cards, each with pictures of movies ranging from a James Bond flick and Singin’ In The Rain to Jaws and E.T. They can be mixed and shuffled and each of the 17 cards is displayed one at a time to the spectator. On the back of each postcard is a list of all the movies in alphabetical order. The spectator picks one card and does not let the performer know which one it is. The performer then asks the spectator to read the list of movies from the back of the card, in any order, to see if he can tell from the spectator’s inflection which movie was selected. He fails. He then asks the spectator to think of the card and is able to divine the movie card that was selected.

This routine is very strong for spectators and baffled every person that I perfomed this trick for every time. The routine allows you to really concentrate on your performance and the mind reading aspect of the trick as it is so very easy to learn and perform.

The 17 pocket size cards are excellent quality props, which can be handed out and inspected, but not for endless amounts of time.  Although it is possible that the most critical and savvy spectator may see something to complain about, it passes more than a casual inspection for most audience members. When I first opened the package, and before I watched the 50 minute instructional video, I inspected the cards and was able to figure out the method, but that is because I knew what to look for and have a very critical eye. I do think this will fool most people and you can perform it several times in a row. There is no force and any outcome is possible.

The ad copy and promotional video are accurate. There is no “memory work required” (although some memorization may make the performer feel a bit more comfortable), there is “no fishing” and “no peeks.” You can divine any of the 17 different movies and it resets immediately. There is no set up and it can be performed for one person, a group, in a parlor or strolling setting, or even on stage or for television.

The instructional video is top quality. Peter Nardi teaches the trick with the creator, Steve Dimmer, and demonstrates how the trick can be performed in a studio setting. It also contains a live performance with Peter Nardi in a one-on-one situation, in which he performs two different routines with the same cards. One of the routines contains a reveal of the selected movie by using a ringtone that plays the movie’s soundtrack.  The DVD for the Pocket Edition contains the original set of instructions and also instructions for the Action Pack and the Original Version.  In addition there is a newer version of Screen Test called the Hero Edition which has movie posters from Superhero movies.  As a purchaser of Screen Test, if you register your product on the Alakazam website, you will get 14 streaming videos, some with new ideas and a cameo from the deceased Jorge “The Jack” Garcia.

Screen Test Pocket Edition is a great version of the original and I think even better.  It trick plays powerfully to your audience and gets reactions of disbelief.  It is highly recommended.

This great mentalism routine is available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer.


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