Real Deck Switches by Benjamin Earl and Vanishing Inc.

Benjamin Earl has the knack for teaching magic. He has the knack for creating magic.  He sure as hell has the knack for fooling anyone around him.  This third release in the “Real Magic” series totally kicks ass.  It is super, it is great, it is something that should be in your library.

So, in a bit over an hour, Earl teaches over twenty deck switches. He teaches false cut deck switches, true cut deck switches, standing deck switches, screened deck switches, deck switches when you are putting the deck down and deck switches when you are picking the deck up.  There is so much to learn!

The deck switches are not hard, but will require some real practice to get down the flow, the feigned naturalness when you are doing something sneaky and understanding your movements to make it natural.

For the majority of the DVD, Earl is seated looking into the camera. Vanishing Inc. did an excellent job producing this DVD, but I have a few constructive criticisms.  First, there should have been over-the-shoulder shots.  Second, Earl moves so quickly with the deck switches, sometimes covering several in a few minutes.  This DVD could easily have been over two hours if the teaching was a bit slowed down.  I think it should have been.

Notwithstanding these suggestions, this DVD is awesome. It not only teaches magic, but the philosophy of presentation and consideration for everything you are doing.  It is an intellectual piece of work and a pleasure to watch.  I wish it was longer and I am hoping for more Earl magic.

There is no doubt in my mind that Earl has made a deal with the devil. His soul for insane talent.   Buy this DVD for $35.  You won’t regret it.


This totally amazing DVD can be purchased at any Murphy’s Magic dealer.

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