Polarity by Pablo Amira and Murphy’s Magic Supplies

Polarity has got to be the best trick out there for $19.95!  With this purchase you get the Polarity gimmicked deck and an excellently produced DVD hosted by Chris Oberle from Murphy’s Magic.  This trick is thoroughly and utterly remarkable and awe-inspiring!

First let’s discuss the deck. The deck, as indicated in the ad copy is “inspired on the Proton Deck by Gary Ouellet, which is based in Ed Marlo’s Open Prediction 12th.” The deck, as mentioned above is a gimmicked deck, which can be handed out to spectator’s and shuffled by them, although there is one thing that they can’t handle, which is not a big deal – trust me. You get a standard rider backed Bicycle deck of cards in either red or blue. The deck and the DVD also come in a double DVD case for easy bookshelf storage. While the deck comes ready to use, after numerous performances and much usage, you may need to buy a new deck or fix it yourself. If you are inspired, once you know the method, you can make your own deck, but quite frankly, this is less than $20 bucks and you should just buy it and save yourself the hassle just to save a few cents.

The 44 minute DVD is excellent in quality and instruction. It starts off with a live performance by Chris Oberle to crowd of 10 people.  Oberle hands out portions of the deck to be randomly shuffled by whoever wants to get in on the action.  Then, he suggest that the performer subconsciously knows the order of the deck because Oberle riffled the deck in front of the spectator’s face.  So, to test this theory out, Oberle asks the spectator to deal the cards, one at a time, face up into a pile, and stop at a specific card that Oberle named, but to place that card face down on top of the deck so it cannot be seen.  Once this is down the remainder of the cards are dealt face up and the sought after card is not seen.  And, yes, of course, the only card that is the opposite direction of the other cards is the named card.  The spectator does almost all of the work.

Reset takes a second, but you may need to turn your back for a moment and you can repeat the trick with a different result a second time. There are no angles issues with Polarity and you can be surrounded when you perform this great trick.  Although you can hand out most of the deck for random spectators to shuffle, you cannot hand out the deck as freely after the trick is done, but that is unlikely to be requested at that point because the trick is over and the spectators are on the floor.  Although the deck can be used for other tricks after your presentation of Polarity, you probably won’t want to use it for anything but Polarity.

In addition to his own presentation, Oberle teaches Amira’s presentation and a certain stack (unnecessary for the presentation of the trick). Oberle also teaches various moves and shuffles on the DVD and does so very well.

The promotional video is accurate as it shows a truthful live performance. I have no issues with the ad copy either.

I am very impressed by the cleverness and ease in which Polarity can be learned and performed. It is a great value for your money and I promise, promise, promise, that you will get great reactions from your audience.  You can do this trick in casual, close-up, parlor and even on stage settings (if you have close-up cameras).

This amazing trick is available at any Murphy’s Magic dealer.

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