If you are interested in doing mentalism using ESP cards, the Zenereight project by La Servente has much to offer.  I love the marking system and the extra symbols (a triangle and a large solid dot).  This is a solid release. With your $29.95 purchase, you get 26 E.S.P. cards, which are detailed in the… Continue Reading ZENEREIGHT

Orphic by The 1914

Orphic is a peek wallet with a card to wallet function and versatility to perform some great magic and mentalism routines.  I predict that this is gonna be a big hit.  I love this wallet because I find the peek to be so deceptive and so fooling that I don’t think that anyone will ever… Continue Reading Orphic by The 1914

REVIEW: Oyster Playing Cards

The Oyster Playing Cards designed by Think Nguyen and Phill Smith are worth cracking open.  Bearing the image of an oyster shell, there is a clever marking system hiding in plain sight that adds a magical dimension to this pack. With your $15 purchase, you will receive your standard 52 playing cards, a double-backer, two… Continue Reading REVIEW: Oyster Playing Cards

Tarnation by Simon Aronson

I just don’t what to say about this beauty!  This is an awesome trick and Big Blind Media is they are giving it away for free. THIS MUST BE A MISTAKE!  This should be selling for $10 alone, but BBM has always done things their own way and maybe when you go to their site,… Continue Reading Tarnation by Simon Aronson

Colorfool by Victor Zatko

Colorfool is a gimmick that enables you to visually change a card back or face and then change it back again instantly.  The performer holds a card length wise across the deck and it looks like a special effect. The bottom line is that I would not use this in person, but this is great… Continue Reading Colorfool by Victor Zatko