Narcissus by Chris Philpott

Narcissus is the brilliant child (or perhaps grand-child) of the genius 100th Monkey.  The routines presented with Narcissus are meant for close-up performances and incorporate your spectator’s cell phone cameras.  This is Chris Philpott’s third DVD using the 100th Monkey principle (the first being The 100th Monkey and the second being Babel). I am sure… Continue Reading Narcissus by Chris Philpott

Lumber by Mr. Pearl

Lumber by Mr. Pearl is an extraordinarily fantastic take on Paul Curry’s Out of This World behemoth card trick with the addition of poker chips and a super germane patter! It is a dark horse.  Having heard no hype about this trick, I was blown away by its’ cleverness and how unbelievably fooling it is… Continue Reading Lumber by Mr. Pearl

Unveil by Hyunjoon Kim

Unveil is a double DVD project in which card manipulation master and champion, Hyunjoon Kim, teaches the secrets behind his routine and moves.  Also included with the two DVDs are two gimmicks used in the routine for the magi among us that not only bought this project to learn the secrets, but who will to… Continue Reading Unveil by Hyunjoon Kim