Suspend by Richard Griffin

Suspend by Richard Griffin is an effect in which the performer takes a Sharpie marker and touches it to the top of a can of soda and the can appears to be magnetized to the pen. When the performer lifts the pen, the can travels with it.  When the performer puts the can back into… Continue Reading Suspend by Richard Griffin

Opkoopjes Mouth Coils

I love mouth coils. I have been buying these things since I was a kid. I love different patterns, colors and sizes.  I think of them not so much as a magic trick, but an accessory or gag item.  That said, they go together well with certain magic tricks and are great for children’s parties.… Continue Reading Opkoopjes Mouth Coils

Thumbtipedia by Vernet Magic

Thumbtipedia is a very good DVD that teaches you quick and to the point thumb tip routines.  Among the 31 routines that are taught, you will learn how to fool a magician, vanish sugar and turn it into candy, how to vanish a lit cigarette, how to vanish a sponge ball, hot to restore a… Continue Reading Thumbtipedia by Vernet Magic