Outnumbered by Danny Weiser and Matthew Wright and Marvelous-FX

This is the most practical and amazing magic square effect (and more) because of the super cool gimmick manufactured by Uday’s Magic World. When I was a kid I played with a sliding number square puzzle every once in a while, usually for no more than two or three minutes at a time. They seemed to be an omnipresent and neglected toy among kids back in the day and always seemed impossible to solve – at least in under two minutes. I don’t know if kids nowadays play with them with all the electronics and screens in their lives, but this trick is still a total winner.

So what do you get? You get a small 3 inch square box with a sliding number puzzle gimmick and additional pieces so you can do different effects, including a customized effect and a complete 1 through 16 solve. You also get a link to two password protected downloadable instructional videos.

In performance, you hand out the sliding number puzzle and your spectator mixes it up and hands it back to you upside down so you can’t see the numbers. Right in front of them you play with the puzzle (again with the numbers upside down) and when you turn it over it is not solved – disappointed!   But wait, there’s more!! It is a perfect magic square and all the numbers in the rows, the center and the diagonals add up to the same number. You pick up a piece of paper that has been on the table from the start and it miraculously has that number on it. So amazing!!! Of course, if you want to, you can end up with the puzzle solved or have a pre-set pattern to compare to a previously taken photo or use those numbers as a force. I personally think the magic square version is the strongest. Having the sliding number puzzle solved is great, but in light of all the amazing Rubik’s cube tricks that are on the market and in many shows today, it is not as impressive.

The greatest thing about this magic square effect is that it is portable and great for any close-up or walk around environment. The reset takes about a second and can be done in a corner. The trick is so easy to learn and to perform and really takes no practice whatsoever. To be honest, I didn’t even watch more than 2 minutes of the instructional videos before I started pestering my friends and family to see my most recent and favorite trick. The reactions are great! One magic savvy spectator said to me “THAT’S A TEN!”


The first video is a 7 minute video in which Wright teaches you how to use the gimmick in fine detail. This video is to the point and well done. You are left with all questioned answered, Wright indicates that he prefers the magic square version of this trick which as expressed above, I agree! In the second video, Wright teaches a fellow magician how to perform the trick and they discuss the gimmick and the method. The second half of that video contains a performance of the student magician to a single spectator with the magic square effect. The video ends abruptly but you need not watch more. I am ok with skipping the pleasantries and the thanks for buying the trick. The videos do not cover all the minutia of the magic square such as the fact that the 4 center tiles add up to the number as does the 4 corners.

The puzzle can be handed out before the trick is performed and it will survive intense inspection, but after the magician handles the gimmick, it really cannot be inspected. This is contrary to what the ad copy says. And, in fact, it is better to allow the spectators to take a picture of it so they are looking at their phone instead of the actual numbers on the gimmick.

The ad copy says:

“When two creative minds come together and create magic, you know that the end result will be something special.

Outnumbered is a simple “blind” puzzle solve that will leave your audience amazed!!

Rubik’s Cube magic, magic squares, and memory feats are some of the most compelling, believable, and awe-inspiring weapons in the modern magician’s arsenal. Outnumbered takes all three of those effects and combines them into one pocket-sized, easy-to-perform miracle!!!

An instantly recognizable number puzzle game is handed to a spectator to mix up. The magician then “memorizes” the position of the numbers and turns the puzzle face down as he attempts to solve it without looking. Despite there being almost 20 trillion different combinations, the magician is able to solve the puzzle.

Outnumbered can be “solved” in three different ways. A regular 1-16 solve, a magic square solve, or a seemingly random solve that has already been predicted.

Outnumbered requires no memory work, no need for complicated algorithms, and no skill to perform. The spectator can even perform the solves themselves!

Outnumbered is a custom-made gimmick that does all the work for you and can be handled by the spectator before and after the solve.

Leave your memory and mathematical skills at the door. THIS IS OUTNUMBERED by Danny Weiser and Matthew Wright!!”

Outnumbered is a killer gimmick and super crazy effect. I highly, highly, highly recommend this for any lover of the magic square as this will blow minds all over the place. Quick reset, easy to do and with an excellent gimmick. This has streamlined the magic square effect and made it more practical. I love this one (three exclamation points)!!!

Thanks to Murphy’s Magic for asking me to give this product an honest review. $50 bucks for an awesome trick! And, if you want to try this out, it can be purchased at any Murphy’s dealer online.