Mental Pen by Joao Miranda and Gustavo Sereno

Joao Miranda and Gustavo Sereno’s Mental Pen is an awesome mentalism tool that is easy to use and will amaze everyone all the time.

With your purchase of Mental Pen, you get a Sharpie marker and some real clever gimmicks that reinvent an age old trick and make it impossible to figure out.  The instructional video says that you get two gimmicks, but I got three.  It doesn’t matter since you really only need one gimmick.  The gimmicks are very well made and I am very impressed with the quality.  You also get a password protected link to a 41 minute instructional video that contains live demonstrations of 5 different and equally amazing routines.   Joao teaches the routines and explains how to use the gimmicks.  Use of the gimmicks is very easy and the routines are very easy to learn and perform.

The five different routines are basically variations of the same trick, but it feels very different.  With mental pen, you hand a Sharpie to a spectator and they either put an “X” or some mark on a piece of paper that is held out of their sight and then almost immediately, the spectator signs their name on the paper so they can be 100% sure that the paper they believe they marked is the same one.

One killer routine is a word prediction routine in which the performer rips up a newspaper into numerous parts, asks the spectator to choose a piece of paper as the performer is shuffling the bits of paper and then mark the bottom piece of paper with an “X” as it is being held face down to the ground.  The spectator signs their name to the paper and it turns out that the word that is in the center of the “X” is written down in an envelope which the spectator has been holding the entire time.  I love the routine, it is not new, but with the Mental Pen gimmick, it is as strong as can be.  You can also do this trick with a pocket dictionary and slay your spectators.

The only negative is that the trick cannot be immediately repeated without first ducking into a dark corner and taking a 10 second secret reset.  The flip side to this coin is that when you are done with the trick, the spectator is holding the pen and you are clean and there is no way to detect the gimmick.

Mental Pen allows you to perform some of the strongest mentalism routines without having to worry about hiding anything or making any switches.  I love this and will use it often.

Highest rating!

This excellent product can be found at any Murphy’s Magic dealer!

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